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Thank you for voting!

Please note I do have filters in place to prevent massive voting fraud, so all you'll do is drive up the load on the server without affecting the results and cost me more money.

At the moment you can vote News or Fluff for each thread once per day.

Considering that I run this as a free service out of my own pocket and don't make any money off it (the ads don't cover the expense of the server), I would be very sad to have to pay more, so please don't abuse the voting.

Hrm I just realized this would probably be better implemented with Ajax so you don't have to leave the previous page. Let me think about how best to do that, or if you have any suggestions please contact me as this is still a new thing.

A couple of notes since I've gotten some feedback:

Thanks for the offers of help with Ajax. I've done some Ajax coding for my work, so I can implement fairly easily I'm sure -- I just need to find the time at some point. This thing has been up for less than a week as of Feb 1 2008 so I expect some changes to be made to make things better.

I've also come to realize that the vote updating needs to happen more often than once per day. I'm working on that.

Thanks for all the feedback so far and let me know if you have any other comments!

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