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Show me the current official blue posts

I wrote a script to grab the official Blizzard posts from the World of Warcraft official forums. The collector runs every 30 minutes or so. Old blue posts will be moved to the Archives. Blue posts older than 35 days are deleted from the "Current Blue Posts" thread and can be found in the Archive section.

As of August 24, 2006, Blizzard has switched over to a new forum system. The BlueTracker recent posts section has posts from that section. I'm in the process of setting up RSS and search for the new posts. Because of changes in the way the information is stored, I was unable (read: unwilling to do the work in the time provided :P) to seamlessly integrate the two systems. Old August posts from August can be found in the Archives, as well as posts from the new forum beta.

I've added a limited search feature as well. I recently signed up for Google AdSense. In return for the ads that run, you can run a Google search for this site as well.

As a note, locked threads usually get skipped. I realize there is a small subset of threads where a blue posts something meaningful and it later degenerates into a flame-fest and gets locked. But as long as the blue post and lock come at least an hour or so apart from each other, the original blue post should be collected. Single blue locked posts (such as announcements) will still get recorded.

News and other information can be found in the News section. If you find any problems or have any suggestions for the Blue Tracker, please let us know in the Contact section.

I've set up an RSS Feed (RSS 2.0) for those who are interested. (Update: it was broken for a couple weeks but is fixed again now.)

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