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Poster: Schyla at 2007-03-28 20:35:28
Subject: Patch Notes = Blank? huh??
explanation please?

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
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Poster: Drysc at 2007-03-28 22:27:51
Subject: Re: Patch Notes = Blank? huh??
Here are the current "live" notes, they'll of course also be up on the website, probably tomorrow.

- World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.0.12

The latest patch notes can always be found at

- Improved memory usage and stability under Mac OS X 10.4.9 using
multi-threaded OpenGL

Bug Fixes

- Attempting to turn in a guild charter with a signature from a
player that formed his own guild will no longer result in an
inappropriate error message.
- Using the customer support "Auto-Unstuck" will now trigger the
one-hour cooldown on the player's hearthstone.
- Arenas
Players will no longer be able to see their opponents in the Combat
Log of an Arena match-up before the game starts.
- Battlegrounds
Eye of the Storm: Players should no longer be able to exit the
bubble before the match starts.
- Mechanar
The gate at the top of the elevator in Mechanar will now remain open
while attempting the gauntlet and after Pathaleon the Calculator is
- Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad
The Escape from Durnholde event will no longer break during the
church part of the encounter.
- Various localization fixes have been applied.

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