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Poster: Skyhoof at 2007-03-01 14:57:33
Subject: Tseric's meeting
Anyone hear how Tseric's meeting went?
Poster: Tseric at 2007-03-01 15:28:07
Subject: Re: Tseric's meeting
I always know how to break the news, cause I rarely candy-coat.

Downranking Windfury on two weapons to gain separate cooldowns is a bug with a fix incoming. This means down-ranking on different weapons will no longer stagger cooldowns. The devs want this bug resolved, as it has been a primary source of unintended Enhancement DPS, which they have seen as excessive. Enhancement DPS has been high in many situations and this is something they want to tone down. When this change goes live, it will lend itself to that end, rather than the devs having to look for direct changes to Enh. DPS. Good chance they will still be watching this aspect of Shaman after the bug fix is implemented.

While I may be sorry to say as much, there you have it.

edited first sentence for clarity.

[ Post edited by Tseric ]

We're all naked on the internet.
Poster: Tseric at 2007-03-01 15:37:32
Subject: Re: Tseric's meeting

Q u o t e:
Is the 3 second cooldown not suppose to be there (earlier confirmed as intended)?

The 3 second cooldown is supposed to be there.

Q u o t e:
Is the off-hand SUPPOSE to share a cooldown, and the work-around to this not intended?

Yes, the off-hand is supposed to share the cooldown.

Q u o t e:
Is the 3 second cooldown causing the 'quad' Windfury procs, and this is what the devs are saying is creating too much dps?

The down-ranking and circumvention of the full 3 second cooldown was something causing extra DPS, as you gain more procs overall in the same time-frame.

We're all naked on the internet.
Poster: Sinther at 2007-03-25 00:21:23
Subject: Re: Tseric's meeting
This thread is now locked for spamming. Apologies to those that were posting their concerns constructively within.

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