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Poster: Siva at 2006-12-07 09:00:54
Subject: PLEASE!!! bring back decursive!
Go ahead and leave lots of posts about how I need to learn to play.... hahaha But the fact IS
the majority of us want it back.
That is the truth!! Raiding is just no fun anymore. I have logged in insane amounts of hours farming for pots, gear, etc... for naxx. Now it unplayable. Sure, I guess its just that I suck, or that my guild sucks, but apparently everyone sucks but 12 or so forum trolls, and we want it back!!!!!! Please before you ruin this game that I love, undo this.

Let these guys that dont want decursive and decursive like mods just not use them.
Poster: Slouken at 2006-12-07 15:35:46
Subject: Re: PLEASE!!! bring back decursive!

Q u o t e:

I can't afford to make exceptions. Once word leaks out that an author has gone soft, people begin to disobey you, and then it's nothing but work, work, work, all the time.


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