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Poster: Denul at 2006-10-19 11:14:37
Subject: Draenai = 2nd fear ward?
Sorry if this has been coevered before.

But take a look at the article linked:

Why not ballance stuff out a bit more?
Poster: Eyonix at 2006-10-19 11:44:22
Subject: Re: Draenai = 2nd fear ward?
Keep in mind something extremely relevant and important. An ability which prevents fear from affecting a character, while useful under certain circumstances, is going to have far less use in the Burning Crusade, not to mention a diminished level of impact. Not only will crowd control mechanics such as fear be far less effective in player vs player situations, in both raid and dungeons we don't plan to empower too many mobs with fear.

Try to absorb this change for what it is and what it will mean rather than allow this "old argument" to dictate your disposition.

Beyond all of the above, there will be new ways (for both factions) to remove and/or prevent fear in the Burning Crusade. So, in short -- lay down that crutch, you don't need it anymore. :P

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