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Poster: Tseric at 2006-09-01 15:24:13
Subject: Gathering Shadows
Here are various points of interest about some of the new talents and abilities. It doesn't really follow any train or theme, so bear with me. ;)

  • Dark Pact will be receiving treatment similar to the Life Tap change, so that it takes spell damage gear into account (scaling).
  • The Felguard is still under development, so I don't have too many specifics that might not change. However, a brief exchange in a meeting with the devs went something like this:
    - Me - What's the Felguard looking like? Will it possibly replace the VW?
    - Dev - Hmmm...yeah, maybe it should. It has DPS abilities at the moment, but maybe it should have some threat-generating mechanics, as well.
    - Me - ...(thinks of respecing into demo)
    Hey, no guarantees, but it is under consideration.
  • Shadow Embrace is a self-oriented buff that reduces physical damage the Warlock may take. It won't stack with repeated casting.
  • Nether Protection will only proc from an outside source. Hellfire, Lifetap or other self-inflicted damage will not proc the effect.
  • Someone had asked why threat reduction was applied to Imp. Drain Soul instead of something like Grim Reach. Simply put, it makes a lesser used talent more valuable.
  • Soulwell is not the only source for Master Healthstones.
  • Seed of Corruption will explode whenever the target takes a total of 1044 damage from one or more sources. It only damages opponents. The damage from the explosion will count toward the 1044 damage of another target, should one be nearby. Think about that for a bit. You could also refer to the sig below for inspiration.

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It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes.
Poster: Tseric at 2006-09-01 15:40:43
Subject: Re: Gathering Shadows

Q u o t e:
The title made me thought Tseric made a lame warlock PVP vid.
They all seem to be called 'Gathering Shadows'

Heh. I'm sorta tired today. Not my best subject line, I'll definitely grant you that. ;)

It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes.

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