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Poster: Archibold at 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Subject: Blue: Update on Mage S2 Gear
As Per:
The item team is looking over the mage set again to verify whether it came in under its stat budget. Any changes that would be made, however, wouldn’t be ready or implemented by the time the patch is released and the items are made available. We can’t of course guarantee that changes will be made, but if the set turns out to have fewer stat points than intended we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Can we get an update on when our gear will be finished? I want to know whether S2 will actually be worth getting or if I should finish out my 4 Piece s1.

The aforementioned post is frought with failure. Proceed accordingly.
Poster: Drysc at 2007-06-21 15:54:10
Subject: Re: Blue: Update on Mage S2 Gear
We've been able to identify what went wrong and the stats for the Mage Season 2 items are being corrected in a future patch.

Their system of oppression, what did it lead to? Global robot depression.

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