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Poster: Venguile at 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Subject: Arena Points Updated Improperly?
every arena point calculator i've visited says i shoudl have gotten 1600+ points for 2314 rating in 5v5. i only got around 1300 for this week. was the 5v5 rating to arena point conversion changed? are the points updating improperly?

the same thing happened to another character of mine on a 5v5 team at around 2300 rating. it only got 1300 points, and every calculator i visit says i should have gotten 1600.
Poster: Eyonix at 2007-05-29 11:51:55
Subject: Re: Arena Points Updated Improperly?
Arena point gain is intentionally different, and this is in-fact not a bug. A typical team will see a small change in their points, but players with very high or very low ratings will see a much larger change. Below is the new formula.

If rating<=1500 then
(note: this calculation can go negative, but will be floored at 0)

If rating>1500 then
Points=1426.79/(1+918.836*Power(2.71828, -0.00386405*rating))

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