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Poster: Ghostbull at 2007-02-22 01:28:42
Subject: Strange Characters In Names
Hey people

I made a new character which I like alot and most of all I like his name, however it has an 'abnormal' character in it: it has an Ë in it (lowercase)

now my GM had problems trying to invite me into the guild, and guildmates talked in /g about how it was difficult for them to make this character. I was surprised, afterall it's only a " + an E right?!

Will this cause more problems for me in the future, because I really like this new character's name and I'd hate to have to play with a a different one but I wouldn't like it if people tried to invite me in a group, or send me mail, and think 'oh %*!* it' and just don't send me the mail or invite another person to their group...
Poster: Aeus at 2007-02-22 02:19:12
Subject: Re: Strange Characters In Names
As someone mentioned, it depends on the keyboard how easy it is to insert special characters.
I'd keep this link handy:

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