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Poster: Òó at 2007-02-08 13:43:20
Subject: Blue: Is my name legal?
I'm tired of hearing "your name is not legal" (TOS) from some peeps, so here goes:

Blue, is my name legal? I believe so because it is simply two letters, one with a grave and one with an accent. Moreover, are all names with accented characters considered legal here in the US? I know in English, those characters are not used.

Everyone else: How would you pronounce my name in Vent? Ive heard everything from "Oh Oh" to "Ooooh", lol.


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Poster: Coreiel at 2007-02-08 14:14:14
Subject: Re: Blue: Is my name legal?
No. Extended ASCII are not permitted in names.

Report yourself before someone else does.

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