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Poster: Ceaseless at 2008-05-28 08:00:35
Subject: Amani Bear Mount being removed?
Can I get a firm "yes/no" from someone that this will happen?

I would also like to know where (other than here) where I could send my feedback to Blizz.

For discussion purposes I will post my feedback here (also in the off chance that they do read and care about what goes on here).

Why remove it completely? Wouldn't it work to make it a rare drop like the tiger and raptor mounts of ZG? Alternatively you could limit it to only drop when all the members of the raid are in a certain level band like 70-72 or something similar.

While it is true that I could theoretically get it on this toon prior to the WotLK dropping I am concerned for my lesser leveled toon that I want to get it on. I know that there are more factors regarding the acquisition of this particular mount than the others but I would just like to know that it is still attainable after the x-pack. Mostly because I am not sure if I can level my toon, get him geared enough to convince my guild to do a successful timed run for little old me to get my bear mount.

I know that there are other things that are "limited edition" type things but they are truly badges of honor, if you will, that display a particular player/team has accomplished something great. Think of the phoenix mount or the AQ bug mount for the opener of the gates, or other similar one per server things. The ZA Amani Bear mount is not close to being on the same level as those two mounts. It seems more akin to the Neather Dragon type mounts that are in Neatherstorm. Ment to be rare but still attainable.

Any other feel this way?

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Poster: Bornakk at 2008-05-28 08:59:39
Subject: Re: Amani Bear Mount being removed?
Get them while they're hot!

The rainbow sig is done for.
Poster: Bornakk at 2008-05-28 09:19:34
Subject: Re: Amani Bear Mount being removed?

Q u o t e:

so the rest of us who suck wouldn't get one ... fair enough

Not an Amani Warbear, but we plan to have other bears out there at some point.

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