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Poster: Lonawolfe at 2006-11-06 11:08:09
Subject: Any News On New Ravenholdt Manor Content?
It's been over two years, and there have been several CM responses to the question of new Ravenholdt Manor content with "let me get back to you later." So, I feel the time has come for a real response to this question. All I want to know is if there are any real, set-in-stone plans to add new content to Ravenholdt Manor? The place has so much potential for cool questlines, and the whole instance of Karazhan adds the possibility of a connection with Garona.

Inquiring rogue minds what to know for sure, once and for all: will anything new be added to Ravenholdt Manor in the Burning Crusade or beyond? PLEASE respond!

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Poster: Drysc at 2006-11-06 19:19:58
Subject: Re: Any News On New Ravenholdt Manor Content?
There aren't any changes or additions to Ravenholdt in the expansion, but it is a place that we would like to revisit in the future to flesh out a bit more.

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