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Poster: Graygr at 2006-10-23 18:50:30
Subject: patch 1.13
hey there ptr players i just wondering will there be a normal ptr about patch 1.13 as i play ptrs 2 getaway from raiding stress and like a bit of fun playing other classes and different races i allso like 2 find faults if wat ur testing as thats wat the ptrs r about also my olf friend has just started 2 play the game and i thought that a ptr would show him wat class he likes best sp plz someone get bk 2 me and i have searched for a topic like this and not found one yet so i thought id ask anyways and thnx for reading this

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Poster: Shaantie at 2006-10-24 09:13:39
Subject: Re: patch 1.13
The patch 1.13 was discarted, there is no point expecting it.
The 1.13 content was carried over BC.

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