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Poster: Littlelarry at 2007-08-07 06:02:07
Subject: Has WoW got Widescreen resolutions?
Hi peeps thinking of getting a 24" Widescreen Monitor and wondering if WoW supports widescreen modes.. Especially - 1680*1050 / 1900*1200


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Poster: Salthem at 2007-08-07 06:02:07
Subject: Re: Has WoW got Widescreen resolutions?
Zazkia has hit the nail on the head here. What is actually happening when you change those resolutions is that the game zooms in slightly (you can see this if you compare the height of the two avatars in those pictures, the 4:3 is about 60 pixels, the widescreen is about 70 pixels). It's not really cropping anything, but you don't actually get extra vision at the left and right either. If that was the case it might have put widescreen players at an advantage over non-widescreen players in some circumstances.

If you really need more of the world displayed in the vertical there are addons or other ways of zooming the camera out further than the normal maximum camera distance in the Interface options.

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