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Poster: Nathalia at 2007-02-18 12:14:31
Subject: The idea behind weapon skill?
The subject says it all..

Weapons skill is useless at lvl 70 so why is it even in the game? the crit bonus from it at lvl 70 is so low that it's close to nothing. Why not just replace it with something good or at least useful, or change it back to what weapon skill used to do so it would be useful?

Posted it here because I think it's a 100% pure pve stat.

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Poster: Crezax at 2007-02-19 03:10:38
Subject: Re: The idea behind weapon skill?
I wouldn't say it's useless.

Let's say you increase your weapon skill by 4.

Against a mob 3 levels higher than you, you get: 0.8% lower chance to miss, 0,4% lower chance to get dodged, 2,4% to be parried, and a 0,8% higher chance to crit. That means a 4,8% net increase.

That Crezax, so hot right now!

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