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Poster: Tigole at 2006-11-28 09:23:10
Subject: Raids and Dungeons Update
Apologies for the lack of an update in a while. We've been "head down" trying to make as many changes as possible for the next Beta Push. The data on the Beta servers is pretty stale at this point and we're really looking forward to getting some fixes live.

Heroic Difficulty

For testing purposes, the reputation requirement for the Heroic Difficulty dungeons will be reduced to Neutral. The reputation will be returned to Revered when the game goes live. Our current intention is that Revered should be achievable by doing the Exterior Zone quests along with 4-5 dungeon runs.

When the next push goes live, the following dungeons will have their base pass ready for Heroic testing:

Shattered Halls
Blood Furnace
Slave Pens
Sethekk Halls

Please note, the boss encounters in these Heroic Difficulty dungeons have not been tuned properly with the exception of the Ramparts.

Other Changes/Bug Fixes

Many changes and bug fixes have been made to all of the dungeons, including Karazhan.

--Significant spawning changes have been made to Sethekk Halls. Please note, Talon King Ikiss still needs tuning. He's too easy.
--Significant changes have been made to Auchenai Crypts. Unfortunately, additional boss tuning has also taken place in here but those changes did not make this upcoming push.

Tempest Keep: Arcatraz

When the next push goes live, the Arcaztraz will be open for business. We look forward to hearing your feedback. The front door is locked, but only one person needs the key. They key is obtained via quest after completing the Ata'mal Crystal questline.


While feedback on all dungeons is immensely valuable to us, we need the most focused testing by you guys on the following content:

--Heroic Difficulty of the dungeons listed above
--Sethekk Halls
--Tempest Keep: Arcatraz

ETA on next Beta Push

This week
Poster: Tigole at 2006-11-28 12:12:38
Subject: Re: Raids and Dungeons Update

Q u o t e:

Quick question - does this mean Ramparts is currently working as intended, or was it retuned for this upcoming push?

Working as Intended
Poster: Tigole at 2006-11-28 12:13:12
Subject: Re: Raids and Dungeons Update

Q u o t e:

Have you fixed the reset and lockout bugs? Otherwise focused testing is going to be very slim except for the first half of the instance.

I believe most of them are fixed. More details are always a big help to us.
Poster: Tigole at 2006-11-28 12:14:58
Subject: Re: Raids and Dungeons Update

Q u o t e:
Risk:reward factor on heroic ramparts is completely out of whack.

You can run the far easier dark portal/steam vaults/botanica/shadow labyrinth/shattered halls/sethekk halls (leaving mechanaar out because due to bugs I haven't even finished that instance yet) for rewards of the same level. Sure there is the e-peen factor, but we all know how 100% e-peen 0% reward stuff (Viscidus?) works. People do it once to say they did it and never come back.

The other dungeons will be brought up to the same difficulty level as Heroic Ramparts. Also, the Epic set tokens only drop in Heroic Difficulty. In addition, the last boss of a Heroic Difficulty dungeon drops an Epic each time.
Poster: Tigole at 2006-11-28 12:36:29
Subject: Re: Raids and Dungeons Update

Q u o t e:
I thought the epics would only drop off the heroic versions of the level 70 instances?

That's not the case anymore. All Heroic Difficulty instances will be roughly on the same difficulty level with the same reward structure. Of course, some will be slightly easier or harder and some of the rewards will be perceived as better or worse, but roughly they will all be on the same difficulty level.
Poster: Tigole at 2006-11-28 13:23:48
Subject: Re: Raids and Dungeons Update
Tigole, care to comment on Karazhan?

Has the respawning of all bosses including Maiden of Virtue and onwards been fixed?
Should be fixed

Is the chessboard event operational?
Yes, although we might disable it in the upcoming push. It's only gotten a fair amount of internal testing so we're a little reluctant to push it.

Are any keys allowing easier access to later stages of Karazhan in?
I'm not sure what you're referring to. Could you explain this please?

Is the quest involving the Shade of Aran completeable?
I believe so but the designer responsible for the quest isn't back from lunch yet =P

Has the trash post Curator been tuned for better difficulty?
Lots of trash has undergone tuning.

Any thoughts on Netherspite?
We're in the process of re-designing the encounter. Certain aspects of the fight will remain in place. But expect a lot of changes to the encounter.

Any fixes on Prince Malchezzar and him resetting properly?
Several fixes have been made to the Prince. I'm not sure if any reset issues are persisting.
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