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Poster: Baconn at 5/25/2006 11:30:17 AM PDT
Subject: Guide to Reckoning V2 (Current 1.10)
   I'm going to recap on Reckoning and hopefully have the current sticky replaced since it's filled with 35 pages of the same questions and answers over and over, and a lot of the builds and videos on the first post were pre 1.8. So petition to the GMs for a sticky plsss.

Ode to Mchammar for patronizing Reckoning, and props to him for the original post.

Let's begin with the Talent description:

Reckoning (Rank 5)
Gives you a 100% chance to gain an extra attack after being the victim of a critical strike.

There are two main functions of reckoning:

Instant Counterattacks
The first, and by most accounts the intended function of reckoning, is to provide an instant counterattack to the targeted enemy whenever you get critted. This can be a spell crit or a melee crit. There are several situations where this will fail, namely if you are stunned or otherwise cc'd, and if the enemy is out of range.

Additionally, the spell at its present state is not working *quite* as intended. Instead of an instant strike, Reckoning will shorten the cooldown of your swing timer to 0... which means that after it triggers, despite how much time you lost until swinging, you have [Your weapon speed] seconds until your next hit. Ideally, the instant attack would be independant of your regular swings, but this is not the case. Still, reckoning will provide some boost to DPS in all situations, although how far through your swing timer you are when you get crit will have a very significant effect.

Reckoning Bombs:
Reckoning bombs are what makes the difference between a "pretty good" talent, and an outstanding one. The term "Reckoning Bomb" is used to denote the instantaneous consecutive swings granted when a Paladin has "Reckoning Charges" saved. Here's how that works:

The first and most important condition of a Reckoning bomb is the Paladin MUST HAVE HIS AUTOATTACK DISABLED. Do this by using "t" to toggle it on and off, or just leftclick anywhere on the screen.

The next order of business is to get critted. Just standing there is a perfectly good way to do this, but this step will vary greatly by situation.

The last thing to do is to enable autoattack, by right-clicking or pressing "t", or your attack button. Done properly, you will attack the enemy multiple times in the space of a second, hopefully creating a significant dent in his life.

The max amount of bonus attacks you can get through Reckoning is 4.

Seals and Reckoning

All seals can proc off Reckoning, and multiple times. It's sometimes useful to activate Wisdom or Light to get a lot of bonus hp or mana back, or use Righteousness for some bonus damage. Using Justice may be redundent, as it will just cause them to go immune to the 2 second stun.

The only exception is Seal of Command. You can only have one Seal of Command proc within a Reckoning bomb, and rightfully so, as Reckoning would easily be the most devistating skill in the game if you could get every hit to proc a Seal of Command.

A Short (And Subjective) History (Thanks Nidhogg)

Reckoning originally reset your swing timer + gave you the extra attack if you were in melee range. This was nice, but did nothing if they were behind you (rogue) or at range. There was a bug with this, where if you had a Reckoning attack but were stunned, your swing timer was bugged, and you would not be able to attack until you were crit again (to fire your reckoning off).

They patched this, and gave it its second incarnation. This was the current form minus the charges. This was the most fun you could have as a Paladin to date in my opinion. Unlimited stores equalled insta-shotting anyone with enough charges stored up. The fix was to give Paladins a way to still have the talent be useful (instead of useless by being stunned from behind) and also to fix the attack swing bug the original had.

Well Blizz didn't like this new method of killing people. Sure it was situational, but it had adverse affects on PvE content. You could, if devoted enough time, one shot the outdoor Raid bosses. There are instances (I dont have the links) of a Paladin getting Kazzak to 50% and even killing him in one swing.

Blizz realized that they had struck gold with this talent fix but needed to fine tune it, so they added a reckoning limit, and voila. They should go one step further and explain the conditions it fails and call it working as intended.. but whatever.

What You Want Weapon Wise

You want whatever your using to be as slow as possible to make the best use of instant attacks, since Reckoning isn't normalized damage. A Sticky out now that shows the best SoC damage on weapons is a rough showing of the best Reckoning weapons out there, but it's for sure, the higher the max damage, and almost retroactively, the slower, the better.

For those starting out, and if you get Reckoning real early, there's the Executioner's Cleaver-
Slow, lots of strength, amazing for it's level.
Around level 60, you can get Doomulus Prime by doing the 1st/2nd boss in Zul'Gurub and the first boss in Ruins of Ahn'Quiraj.
For grinding rep in Alteric Valley, you can snag The Unstoppable Force, one of the best Reckoning weapons in the game, about 7th best.
Zin'Rokh comes in around 5th best of all the weapons for Reckoning, and drops off Hakkar in ZG, and is what I use currently.

Those are the easiest attainable weapons that will yield the best effect for Reckoning. The top 3 best weapons for Reckoning are Ash'khandi, the Grand Marshal 2-handers and Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros as the king of Reckoning weapons, through 372 max damage and a powerful proc that can go off multiple times in a reckoning bomb.

Talent Specs
Note: These builds do have a lot of flexibility for some of the talents, so some skills may fit you better then the builds I see commonly used.

I) Reckbomber (my build) 27 prot 24 ret
Basically sacrifices healing for the maximum of melee damage, but with some support talents like improved conc aura and blessing of sanctuary. improved seal of the crusader for the judgement to make for a harder hitting SoC, and redoubt since improved Devo is trash. pursuit of justice could be placed elsewhere, but it's useful for getting an enchant and keeping the speed bonus, and not needing spurs or riding enchants. Improved ret aura for messing up rogues and fury warriors, and generating threat in pve.

II) Holy Reckadin 26 holy 25 prot
Lots of healing power and staying power in protection, probably better used with a slow one hander and shield, but still effective with a 2 hander. Your playstyle will basically be all about standing around and healing off damage you take, then unleashing your charges when you get crit 4 times.

III) All in One Bag 15 holy 25 prot 11 ret
Seal of command, Healing Light, Consecrate, Reckoning, Kings, and Spiritual focus, you'll have good healing power and good damage output all around. Very powerful build.


When will Reckoning be fixed to be instant?
Recently, a dev did say they were working to fix some bugs with Reckoning, as to make it so charges would not be dropped if you did not reach melee range with the target before you took a swing at them, but no date has been named.

Why didn't my Reckoning bomb go off?
The following things can cause you to drop your charges:

* Ending a Duel
* Mounting up (including gryphons)
* Autoattacking too early (e.g. from out of range)
* Switching Continents
* Switching Weapons
* Losing control of your character (Fear, Scattershot, Blind, Polymorph, Mind Control, etc.)

You will however retain reckoning charges after casting Blessing of Protection on yourself or Divine Shield.

Isn't this "Reckoning Bomb" an exploit?
Several months ago Reckoning recieved a bug hotfix of its own. This hotfix put a hard cap of 4 on the number of charges capable of being stored. So, one can safely assume that the developers know exactly what is going on, and have chosen to allow it.

Have you ever killed anyone in one hit with this ability?
Yes, easily.

Isn't that overpowered?
This ability is probably one of the most situational in the game. It requires you to take a significant amount of damage, and the charges can seem to randomly vanish at times. So, no, I don't belive this skill is overpowered.

Shouldn't this damage-dealing ability be in the Retribution tree instead of the Protection?
The short answer is, no, you're wrong, you [outstanding player with an understandable and obvious, but in my opinion misguided, intention to buff the retribution tree.] The long answer is that, in my opinion, the trees are not designed to specialize the paladin so much in one direction. Every tree has damage-enhancing and damage-mitigation talents, so that different-specced Paladins, while they may do damage or tank differently, still have the capability to do all of the above. Also, removing the protection tree will just make it near useless pvp wise.

Does reckoning work on both spell and melee crits?

Can I sit down to force a crit and gain a charge?
Charges will not generate off auto attacks or npc attacks by trying to sit down and force a crit. However, ability crits from physical abilities such as Sinister Strike, Hamstring, Auto-shot, Aimed shot, etc will generate a charge if you're sitting.

Is reckoning useful in any PvE situation?
It may help you generate bonus attacks if you are tanking several monsters at once and make for some burst damage at each of them at a time, or help make use of seal of light / righteousness, but it's not exactly effective.

Will the charges last through being stunned/stunlocked?
Assuming you leave your autoattack disabled, the charges will persist, and continue to be generated through stuns.

How long do charges last?
Forever, as long as they aren't knocked off by one of the afforemented reasons for Reckonings dropping above. If you heal for a minute and then release you'll see them all. If you duel a rogue friend, charge up, and then run across the map to find a horde to kill, they will likely evaporate. So, as long as you use it sensibly you shouldn't notice an issue.

When would this ability to store charges be useful? Wouldn't just attacking things do more damage?
Getting crit from range, healing your team while under fire, of being stunned, or saving your righteous wrath for a more priority target who happens to not be right next to you are some very good reasons to charge up rather than autoattack.

If you're killing something right next to you, I would have to agree that attacking him is probably the best way to do so. I've taken out cloth casters more than once with 4-5 horde attacking me, just by instantly attacking for 800 damage (inc. command) on a string of offhand/autoshot/pet crits.

UI and Helpful Mods

Shows a bar with bubbles similar to rogue combos showing your current reckonings, you can control or set it to a number count as well.

SCT Reckoning:
haven't tested it yet, sets a SCT to show when you gain reckonings.

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