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Poster: Vika at 5/22/2005 10:53:32 AM PDT
Subject: Upcoming 1.5 Changes - Concise List
   Please post any updates/more details/corrects below and I'll adjust the main post. (Sticky'd now, thanks Slouken!)

  • UNIT_PET : Sent when a units pet changes. This will replace PLAYER_PET_CHANGED and arg1 will be the unit who's pet this is in reference to.

    New Event Generating and Queryable Units
  • partypet1 .. partypet4
  • raid1 .. raid40
  • raidpet1 .. raidpet40

    Queryable Units
  • Any valid unit name + "target". For example, "targettarget", "party1target" and "raid5targettarget"
  • You can repeat the "target" suffix as many times as you want, however be careful as you might get yourself into an infinite loop.

    Interface Changes
  • Party pets will be shown with Default Interface. Buffs/Debuffs will be shown as well. This functionality can be shown/hidden via the interface menu.

    Minor Changes
  • "Max Follow Distance" will be changed to "Max Camera Distance" in the Interface Options to be more descriptive
  • "Maxmimize" function for windowed mode now available in Video Options to remove window borders in windowed mode

  • UnitIsVisible(unitid) - Whether or not the unitid is within your area of interest
  • GetMouseFocus() - returns the current frame which has mouse focus. This is the actual frame object and not the name. (You would get the frame name via frame:GetName() )
  • TargetNearestPartyMember()
  • setfenv()/getfenv() Lua functions are now available to use

    Bug Fixes / Changes to Existing Functions
  • Following functions will always return the correct info, even before PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD and so on.

    • GetRealmName()
    • UnitName("player")
    • UnitRace("player")
    • UnitClass("player")
    • UnitSex("player")

  • When passing out-of-range values to (r,g,b,a) function you'll receive a LUA error instead of a game-crashing cpp error
  • UnitHealth() and UnitHealthMax() of raid members will correctly return their actual HP at all times (regardless of UnitIsVisible())
  • GlueXML is not allowed to be modified, and the game checks to verify this.
  • obj:Hide() calls <OnLeave> so if you have obj:Hide() in your <OnLeave> event handler, well, you're in for a loop. This will be fixed.

    More Info
    raid members and pets within your area of interest will return full information

    Unit's outside your area of interest (not UnitIsVisible()) will return the following:
    Remote players:
    * name
    * portrait
    * race/class/gender
    * level
    * health (plus dead/ghost)
    * mana/rage/energy
    * debuffs
    * buffs

    Remote pets:
    * name
    * portrait
    * health
    * debuffs
    * buffs
    * mana/focus

    [ post edited by Vika ]

    Poster: slouken at 5/26/2005 7:03:47 PM PDT
    Subject: Re: Upcoming 1.5 Changes - Concise List

    Q u o t e:
    I would imagine the standard unit buff events would fire with the raid unit ID as arg1

    Poster: slouken at 6/4/2005 12:18:26 PM PDT
    Subject: Re: Upcoming 1.5 Changes - Concise List

    Q u o t e:
    Q: With GlueXML being disabled, will this means gluexml changes to change your fonts wont work either?

    That's correct.

    Q u o t e:
    Q: unitIsVisible() - Due to the ambiguous nature of the function am I correct to assume it uses a fixed-number for the "number of yards" it determines? If so, what is the maximum number of yards a still-visible line of sight unit will still return true?

    It's actually not ambiguous, just may not be exactly what you expected. If your client is given full information about the unit, meaning the unit is in your area of interest, then it will return true. If it returns false, then the only information the client knows about the unit is what is provided in remote party/raid member updates (health, mana, buffs, etc.)
    Perhaps a better name would have been UnitIsVisibleToClient(), which is what it really means, not UnitIsVisibleToPlayer().

    Q u o t e:
    Q: With raid# and raidpet# unit query information, events generated for raid/raidpet, etc support, this completely nullifies the need to use ct_Raidassist if... Is blizzard going to include a bonafide raid panel of some sort in next patch?

    There are big raid UI improvements coming, but I'm not sure exactly what patch they'll be in.
    I suspect there will always be custom raid UIs which provide additional functionality.

    Q u o t e:
    Q: In chain with the above question, will the various character updates for raid members happen in a delta queue, or instantaneous, as in, will the server queue up 10 changes per 2 second window and send them bulk or just fire them off as it gets them? (I ask this in relation to lag calculation and dialup users)

    Bandwidth is a big concern, so the additional information is batched, and you'll get updates about as frequently as you currently do for remote party members. Keep in mind that you don't need to get updates about units for which UnitIsVisible() returns true, and the system is smart enough not to send the extra data for them.
    We were able to optimize the additional data we're sending so it's about the same amount of data we are currently sending, and hopefully will greatly reduce the amount of bandwidth used by custom raid addons.

    Q u o t e:
    Q: If unitIsVisible and im chopping raid#, raidpet# info, will this information include either the time remaining on timed buffs for party/raid members, and who casted the buff on them?

    We're not providing any additional information for units in your area of interest, the changes we've made simply provide more of the information for units which aren't.

    Good questions! Now back to work...

    [ post edited by slouken ]
    Poster: slouken at 6/12/2005 8:47:22 PM PDT
    Subject: Re: Upcoming 1.5 Changes - Concise List
       Vika, go ahead and start a 1.6 thread, and I'll unsticky this one and sticky the next one.

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