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Poster: Dreamseeker at 8/15/2006 4:53:55 AM PDT
Subject: what if Warcraft III also allows add-ons?
   Have you played War3?

Let imagine you are playing War3 and Blizzard has provided you many APIs. You have an add-on that shows the cooldowns of you opponent's unit abilities, or notices everytime your abilities are ready, or when an event ( such as tier-2 upgrade is ready ) occurs. And if you see an enemy building begins to create units or upgrade, your add-on will automatically show up the progress. If you are not satisfied with that, you can search for an add-on can also guide my units or I will program it yourself. It's very effective for a low-skilled player to have that add-on when fighting against a good-skilled player without an add-on. With that add-on, you can challenge Grubby ( without add-on ) and laugh at him after the match, lol.

Blizzard want people to be serious with their game ( doesnt want you toat their champion ) so they doesnt allow add-ons in War3. Players must remember and take care of everything, from abilitiy cooldowns to potential actions and enemy abilities. That's the skill, the skill of brain, not programs. Blizzard doesnt and cant forbid War3 players to have their friends help, but using an supporting program is just like cheating.

I felt shame for many players when watching their PvP videos, in which they were proud of themselve and added some bad comment on their enemy. They won because they have many PvP-effective add-ons. Some displayed enemy special-ability cooldowns ( such as mage frost nova, druid bash, hunter trap,... ). Some automatically did a chain of action ( feign death - trap for example ). Was it fair? Were they have a real skill or just suck? Are you? The superior skill they had that I could see is using add-on. When they feel it's hard, they ask for add-ons. Good game.

You know why War3 is still perfect to many pro gamers. It's an action-like strategy game. It measures player skill very well. WoW should inherit this power from War3.

I don't say every add-ons are not good, just add-ons in PvP, where players compete against others by their brains for real-life honor and fun, not just to win.

In my opinion, allowing add-ons in raid disable add-ons that give player more than a "human" could, when in PvP is a good solution. Or at least Blizzard should read this thread and do something ( like disable some APIs ) before the Burning Crusade comes out with Arena ( an action feature ), where match quality and player skill is first. If players still can use add-on to hard core PvP, why dont they take full advantage of add-on? You may say add-on didnt help you much, just because you didnt you it well. You say add-on just help you to read the combat log another easier way to read? No, it's is for reading after combat. You can have as many friends help you remember as you like, but dont use your PvP add-ons, is this game that hard for you?

Do you still want player to use add-on in such matches, Blizzard?

And you, readers, if you are using many PvP add-ons, dont laugh at your enemies when they are down. You are cheating! Remove your add-on and get ready for Arena, I will meet you there.

Learn to remember. See ya soon.

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Poster: Drysc at 8/15/2006 7:47:18 PM PDT
Subject: Re: what if Warcraft III also allows add-ons?
   We are constantly evaluating UI addons and their impact on the game, and while we continue to appreciate the directions players have taken their use, there are certainly cases where we have disagreed with specific functionality and worked to prevent it. There are also cases where we have recognized specific functionality as purely beneficial and positive, and implemented it into the core UI.

There is always the possibility of long standing and widely accepted UIs being 'blocked' in favor of encouraging player skill and cooperation; however, we have announced no such plans.
Poster: Drysc at 8/15/2006 8:15:47 PM PDT
Subject: Re: what if Warcraft III also allows add-ons?

Q u o t e:
i like the part where you decided inspecting people from clipping range was wayyyy overpowered

The one problem with 'blocking' certain UIs is that the change may affect other mods that rely on the same functions. I'm not sure about your specific example, but we don't block functions arbitrarily or without good reason. They could be security, performance, infrastructure, or design reasons, and the in-game purpose of the UI may not even factor into the decision if the UI is jeopardizing our service in other ways.

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