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Poster: Ghostwalka at 6/1/2006 2:40:03 PM PDT
Subject: FAQ: The Scourge Invasion World Event
   Scourge Invasion FAQ:

Q: Where is the Web Site containing all the Blizzard released information?


Q: How long will it last?

A: Unknown for now. The rumors range from a month to until Kel'thuzad is killed to until you defeat ALL of the Necropolises. It will last much, much longer then the 16 hour war with the Ahn'qiraj though.

Q: How is it started?

A: Still unknown. The AQ War Effort doesn't start until the Emissary is killed. This might trigger the first time Baron Rivendare is killed on a new server. That is the best guess anyway. Or perhaps the first time someone completes the 'Above and Beyond' quest which is to kill Rivendare and take his head to the Argent Dawn for a reward.

Q: What happens?

A: During the invasion, multiple events occur.
First, outside of every major city, there are glowing points where low level undead spawn(9-11). These drop Dim Necrotic Runes that can be turned into a quest giver for faction once.
Secondly, in Azshara, Winterspring, Tanaris, Eastern Plague Lands, The Blasted Lands, and the Burning Steppes there are massive invasions of Level 59-60 undead. These invasions occur at specific sights gathered around 'Necrotic Crystals'. Undead spawn continuously from these points and wander around, killing local wildlife in one shot. Also, flying necropolis send bolts of energy two and from each stone, so it is easy to find them if you find the hovering Necropolis and follow the bolt of energy that shoots out every 30 seconds or so.

Killing these undead around the crystals results in a bolt of damaging energy being sent back to the crystal. You have to kill about 100, if not more, of the undead to fully destroy it... but with dozens of people working at it, this doesn't take to long. Maybe 20 minutes.

When the Necrotic Crystal is 'destroyed', it is replaced by a 'Damaged Necrotic Crystal' that four Cultist Engineers appear around and begin to repair. If you leave the Damaged Crystal being repaired by the Cultists alone for a time, it will be repaired and the event starts all over again.

You can disrupt the Cultists by using the Necrotic Runes that drop from the invading undead. Take 8 of the runes and talk to one of them, and use the command given to turn it into a Shadow of Doom. This fight is similar to a Duke fight in Silithus. You need at least a good duo with a good healer to beat these. They spawn and go straight for the person who disrupted them, flagged to that person's group. It works just like a Duke, Templar, or Prince in that regard.

Major Warning: Only transform ONE AT A TIME. They are monsters when you fight two or more at once. And, like the Dukes, they are unsoloable unless you are either very good or have very good gear. However, most Template characters were and are unable to solo them. Duos are possible with one being healer the other melee/dps/tank or a Paladin or Shaman healtanking.

The dangerous part comes in the adds that come. You're almost guarenteed to have at least two level 59-60 adds. So its prefered to have more then one person with you unless you are ahead of the spawn rate.

These Shadows drop the rest of the Undead Slaying Set. Killing all four results in the full destruction of the Necrotic Crystal and an interruption of the event for a time.

There are multiple invasion points scattered across each of the above named zones. Destroying all of them, presumably, destroys one of the Necropolises sent to the area. Another will show up until there are 0 Necropolises left(ask the Argent Dawn Recruiter for more information)

Q: Where do I get Necrotic Runes?

A: They drop from the 59-60 undead mobs that spawn continuously at the invasion points across Azshara, Winterspring, Tanaris, Eastern Plague Lands, The Blasted Lands, and the Burning Steppes. They are fairly common.

Additionally, there is a chance for a Rare/'Silver Dragon' undead to spawn in place of the normal ones. These have a chance of dropping one of the Undead Slaying pieces and 4 to 6 Necrotic Runes.

Q: Are there quests involving the Invasion?

A: Yes. One at each major city involves gathering Dull Necrotic Runes from the 9-11 Undead outside. Three of them earns silver and faction with the Dawn. This is repeatable once at each major city, but otherwise is not doable multiple times.

One more is at the Argent Dawn Camp in each major city, that sends you to speak to the Argent Recruiter at LHC. Because of the Level 60 XP involved, this rewards some silver. Do it for the silver and faction.

The last two are obtained at Light's Hope Chapel. They involve killing one Shadow of Doom and gathering 10 Necrotic Runes. Completion of these quests allows you to turn in Necrotic Runes for the other rewards offered.

Q: Where do I get the full Undead Slaying Sets?

A: Three sources: Shadows of Doom, the 'Rare' Undead at the Invasion points, and turning in 30 Necrotic Runes to the Argent Dawn Outfitter in LHC. The first two can drop either part of the set, while the last is the only way to get the gloves.

Q: Where do I get the Tabard of the Argent Dawn?

A: Turn in 10 Necrotic Runes to the Argent Dawn Quartermaster in Light's Hope Chapel after completing the two new quests offered at LHC regarding the killing of a Shadow of Doom and the gathering of 10 Necrotic Runes.

Q: Where do I get the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade?

A: At present, it is CONFIRMED it was re-added to the random loot table of SM. Further, it is CONFIRMED that it drops from the Goon Squad that comes in to help Herod after he dies. Get ready to get your Scarlet Tabards, folks!

Q: Where are the new Bosses?

A: The new bosses are found in Stratholme, the Scholomance, Dire Maul, the Scarlet Monastery, Shadowfang Keep and the Razorfen Downs.

If there are multiple new bosses in DM and SM for each of the wings, that is unknown. The only known new boss at this time is Scorn in the SM Graveyard. He is a Lich who enters the Graveyard after you kill the Undead Blood Mage in the Crypt.

Leave the crypt after you kill the Blood Mage and you will see Scorn floating towards you down the road. He hits normally for his level(32 Elite), and he has some nasty Frost AE Spells for even level groups trying to tackle him.

The new one in Shadowfang Keep is a Scourge Abomination. His name is Sever, and he is found in the area formerly patrolled only by Ghosts near where the Butcher and the Baron are. There are no prereqs to his appearance. He is level 25.

The new boss for RFD, Lady Falther'ess(hmm... what could that name mean?), is bugged on the Test Server. Very bugged. She should be fixed by live.

She might spawn in if you open the middle Holding Pen between the human who teaches you Goldthorn Tea and the small Ogre.

The new boss in DM West is named Revachion! Credit to Nerfed for finding him!

From Nerfed:

Q u o t e:
Revanchion is found in DM West patrolling the hallway after Tendris Warpwood (you don't have to kill him).

He's just a big ghost, nothing really special. I thought he was one of the patrols in there until I spotted his name.

He does a frost nova and has frost armor (slows your attack and movement). The strange thing was that he dodged/parried/blocked around 80% of all my attacks. Not sure if it was a bug or not. He hit me on average for 300 damage with 28.3% DR so he's not exactly a heavy hitter.

He dropped this:

And he gave 25 AD rep when killed.

The Stratholme Boss, found by Harmonia, is a Lich that patrols around the foundtain in the main area next to the small chapel and the Side Gate to Stratholme.

His name is Balzaphon, and he kicks major butt. Serious frostshock spammer that does a ton of damage. Drops any of three +damage and healing blues, including an amazing staff and a +22 dam necklace called 'Chains of the Lich' and TWO! TWO! Corrupter's Scourgestones.

The Scholomance Boss evades us. So far, we know where it ISN'T!

It is NOT ANYWHERE but the Front Room, After you kill Kirtonos, or after you do the Viewing Room. I just took a group with Harmonia and slaughtered everything in Scholo and those were the only things we could not do.

Those were also the only things that were impossible to do because we had no cube of doom and no blood. And we didn't finish wiping out the front room.

So, KEEP LOOKING FOR THE SCHOLO BOSS! Post if you find it! If the Strath boss is any indication, its going to be absolutely awesome.

If you find any more, shout out on this thread. It'll be added to the FAQ.

Q: Are there new Loading Screens shown for the above named instances?

A: SM, RFD, RFK, and SFK have brand new loading screens! Checking the rest soon. So do other dungeons, it seems, like Blackrock Spire!

Q: Did they improve loot in some of the lower instances like SM?

A: Yes, they did. In addition to the new bosses, some items, like the Hypnotic Blade from Doan... got an upgrade.

The Hypnotic Blade now has +9 Spell Damage and Healing on it.

Any more are as yet unknown.

Q: Are the new Bosses in those instances permenant?

A: Unknown at the present time.

Q: Where do I get the Letters from the Undead?

A: The Letters from the Undead are found on the 59-60 Undead Invasion monsters. Kill them untill they drop. There are at least 6 of them, and each leads you to a quest that involves you returning to Light's Hope Chapel then obtaining the next step of the quest in the mail shortly after.

The rest is up to you.

Further information might be found in this link, however:

Q: Why are the Scourge invading these regions?

A: As it is, these six places they are targeting are key points of Magical Power. Further, they are attacking the two 'Human' cities; Stormwind and Undercity.

The reason for these things is obvious.

Undercity and Stormwind are being attacked because in both places the Lich King will gather a great many new 'recruits' for his army, either by reanimation... or renewed domination...

Azshara is a center of magical power, and not even we have discovered all its secrets yet. Controlling it would give their Liches something to do and more magical abilities to command.

In the Tanaris Desert, two things are located; The Caverns of Time and Uldum. One is the nesting ground and passage into the Timestream used by the Bronze Dragons, the other is the location where the Titans used their power to manipulate the very face of Azeroth to their whim. If the Scourge took control of either location, the effects would be dramatic and horrifying. Further, cutting off Goblin access destroys trade, which is something we need... and the Scourge does not.

In the Burning Steppes, there is the already troubled war between the Blackrock and the Dark Iron. Plenty of bodies to reap from the fallen. Further, there is access to the Dragon Eggs and Dragon Whelps that the Scourge is making use of and transforming into a new generation of different Undead Dragons.

In Winterspring, they have another Goblin city to shut down. But, moreover, they have access to the ghosts of the Highborn they can bring under their control. Also, secrets lie underneath Winterspring, including the former Prison of Illidan. Further... it is a perfect front for them to assault the last true bastion of the Burning Legion on this world; Mount Hyjal.

In the Blasted Lands... there is the Dark Portal. Need I say more?

In the Eastern Plaguelands, the two factions who truly oppose them beyond we Adventurers of the Alliance and Horde currently fight against them. The Scarlet Crusade and the Argent Dawn. This is the 'front', and should it fall, the rest will have no buffer point and Undercity itself will be next as the Crusade and the Dawn are crushed should the Scourge win.

Q: Will this event cause a great deal of lag and crash continents like the AQ Opening did?

A: Not likely. Its spread out over both continents, with lots of fun to be had at both. There will be a rush on LHC on the first day, but otherwise it should be very easy and not cause major crashes.

Q: Is there really a Father Inigo Montoy at LHC?

A: Yes. You killed his father. Prepare to die.

Q: Will there be more Q&A?

A: As soon as I learn more I'll update with new information.

Q: Can I repost this FAQ on other sites?

A: Of course! Share the wealth! Feel free to give credit, but knowledge is for everyone. Credit as ya like!

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You talka da' talka... but do you walka wit' da Walka
Poster: Tyren at 6/2/2006 1:51:01 PM PDT
Subject: Re: FAQ: The Scourge Invasion World Event
   This is a great FAQ! Thanks for the details, Ghostwalka!
Poster: Kisirani at 6/2/2006 2:11:32 PM PDT
Subject: Re: FAQ: The Scourge Invasion World Event
   As I said in the other thread, this compilation is much appreciated. :)

And we're working on fixing the few remaining issues with the invasion, no worries.

[ post edited by Kisirani ]

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