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Poster: Iflana at 12/14/2005 8:49:06 PM PST
Subject: Tseric, I've an important question.
   Will we ever be able to fight Nessy? If she is listed as a boss then we should be able to encounter her as one...

Also, do you listen to Enya? If so, whats your favorite song?

- Iflana

Edit: May the allmight Tseric forgive me for the typo of his name..... <3

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Poster: Tseric at 12/14/2005 9:58:07 PM PST
Subject: Re: Teseric, I've an important question.
   The water pressure at the depths Nessy lives is so great, it has the potential to crush your common dwarf or gnome. Nessy has a rather strong constitution to live at such pressures and prefers the solitude the depths provide.

On another note...Enya is a tad slow for my pace. The closest I would come to that musically would be various jazz artists(Mingus, Monk, etc.) or mebbe Elliot Smith. Hope that doesn't disappoint you too much. I'm gathering your a pretty big Enya fan ;)
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