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Poster: Praevin at 9/29/2005 6:02:54 AM PDT
Subject: No Highelves?!
   How could you not add this as a playable race in a Warcraft game? From elven archers to the elven priests these guys and gals have been a major part in the Warcraft universe. But no, you decide to add GNOMES(Who could forget the one unit they represent in the RTS games) and NIGHT ELVES(who should have been horde side anyways)to the alliance side.

And now with the expansion I hear on the g#@!&vine you aren't planning to add any new races or classes because you don't want people starting over? Starting over, that is what 90% of the population is doing because they are bored with the endgame content.

Add new races at least, how does that hurt balance whatsoever?
Poster: Caydiem at 9/29/2005 11:21:53 AM PDT
Subject: Re: No Highelves?!
   There are still some High Elves in the land, but the majority of those once known as the Quel'dorei no longer fit the bill of "High Elf".

Your comparison with Gnomeregan is a logical conclusion to draw, but incorrect. The Gnomes managed to evacuate a good percentage of their people from their home as it was corrupted from within. Ironforge was close by; they were able to save a good number of their people. Naturally they were indebted to the Dwarves and, by extension, the Alliance, so they fight for their cause.

The High Elves had less of a chance to flee, as they were surrounded by the vast bulk of the Scourge army as they pressed in and destroyed the Sunwell. Still, some survived, certainly enough to show a presence, right?

And so they did after the destruction of Quel'thalas, fighting for the Alliance, but with the destruction of the Sunwell they found an ever-increasing need, an addiction, for magical power. The remaining Elves were placed under the command of a man named Garithos, who was grossly intolerant of other races and drove the Elves into near-suicidal situations in the hopes they would no longer be his problem.

These remnants of the High Elves -- named Blood Elves in remembrance of their people -- were not stupid, and the commands from their "Alliance" became more and more ludicrous. It was only through the help of the Naga that they were able to survive these grim tasks; time and again, they appeared to aid Prince Kael'thas and his men. The Blood Elves came to realize they could no longer trust in the Alliance. When the offer was extended to join the Naga in service of Illidan Stormrage -- and perhaps find a cure to their addiction to magic -- Kael took it, leaving the Alliance behind.

In short, High Elves are not playable because there are very few true "High Elves" left -- far less so than Gnomes. While there are Blood Elves in much larger supply, they are busy with other pursuits alongside Illidan. You'd certainly not see them fighting side by side with the Alliance anytime soon, not after such betrayal.

[ post edited by Caydiem ]

There is more to a Druid than Innervate.
Poster: Caydiem at 9/29/2005 11:27:25 AM PDT
Subject: Re: No Highelves?!

Q u o t e:
Honestly, the war3 manual states that the elves of Quel'Thalas withdrew from the allaince of thier own accord after the second war with the small exceptions of still sending some priests and sorceresses to help. How were they then betrayed by an allinace they were no longer a member of?

I just woke up and am reciting this from memory, so I apologize.

Regardless, the sense of betrayal is there -- in the complete disregard for their kind shown by Garithos as they worked under his command.
There is more to a Druid than Innervate.
Poster: Caydiem at 9/29/2005 11:29:26 AM PDT
Subject: Re: No Highelves?!

Q u o t e:
Thats lovely Cay,

Now answer the OP's question please.

What, that we're not adding new races?

Whoever said that we're not adding new races? We haven't announced any details regarding the expansion. I'm not going to refute what is sheer speculation and hearsay.
There is more to a Druid than Innervate.
Poster: Caydiem at 9/29/2005 11:54:28 AM PDT
Subject: Re: No Highelves?!

Q u o t e:
Yeah, awesome bedtime story there. But since when does Lore keep you guys from adding stuff to the game?

Undead allied with Tauren ring a bell?
Night elves, the biggest bunch of xenophobes in the game wouldn't just hop over to the alliance side either. Especially not under a leader like Staghorn.

Just let the alliance have another elf race, and we'll take Pandaren.

There is lore supporting everything in the game currently, Night Elves and Forsaken included, if you know where to look. :)
There is more to a Druid than Innervate.
Poster: Caydiem at 9/29/2005 2:17:29 PM PDT
Subject: Re: No Highelves?!

Q u o t e:
Oh Caydiem, *coughs* I'm sorry to correct you on this, but you're wrong. Let's compare numbers here.

According to Lands of Conflict (a book in the Official Blizzard Approved Warcraft RPG game), Stormwind has a grand population of 200,000 people, and 10% of that population are high elves. That comes to a grand total of 20,000 high elves, true high elves in the city of Stormwind alone. Moving along, this is the numbers of the high elves in the Eastern Kingdoms.


Blasted Lands: 2,000 (5% are high elven, living in Nethergarde)

Duskwood: 5,000 (5% are high elven)

Elwynn Forest(not counting Stormwind): 10,000 (15% are high elven)

Redridge Mountains: 2,000 (3% are high elven)

Stormwind: 200,000 (10% are high elven)

Westfall: 6,000 (5% high elven)


The Hinterlands: 13,000 (5% high elven)

Kul Tiras: 10,000 (3% high elven)

Zul'Aman: 20,000 (5% high elven)

Infact, guess what the numbers suggest? There are more true high elves in the world than gnomes! Need I mention the little fact that hehe, the only trolls in the Horde come from one SMALL Tribe???

The numbers stack against your excuse Caydiem.

The Warcraft RPG game has not yet been updated to properly reflect current numbers as they stand in World of Warcraft, as I understand it. ;)
There is more to a Druid than Innervate.

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