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Poster: Zushiba at 8/14/2006 1:15:04 AM PDT
Subject: 25 man means more token based loot :/
   Yup, if you don't need 39 other people to help you drop a boss chances are that loot is token based and the drops you see are sub par.

Call it speculation, call it what you will but I forsee more of blizzards "Grind rep / tokens because its 'fun'" crap, ahead.

You would think after failures like AQ and annoyances like ZG which spawn hundreds of posts stating the blatent obvious that grinding rep or tokens isn't fun that blizzard would learn.

BWL/MC had problems yes but nothing that couldn't be fixed by a slightly better, more thought out loot system.
Poster: Tigole at 8/14/2006 8:22:12 AM PDT
Subject: Rep vs. Tokens -- Not the same thing
   I do believe there is an issue with a token system mixed with a reputation system such as the ZG or AQ system.

We recognized this with Naxxramas and corrected the situation. I am a big fan of token systems as well as reputation reward systems. But melding the two together causes many issues.

Also, regarding reputation, we're really trying hard in the expansion to make reputations less of a grind. We're trying to use reputation in new ways that don't require hours of repetitve behavior. To give an example, the Blood Elf secondary zone, Ghostlands, has a reputation associated with it. Do 2 quests -- go up a level. Do 3 more -- go up another level etc... No grinding whatsoever. It exists more for purposes of logical quest flow and world immersion (winning over a town -- proving yourself).

None of this has any bearing on what the maximum raid size is, however.

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