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Poster: Zerosystm at 8/4/2006 6:08:30 AM PDT
Subject: Epic Drop in Naxx = No loot?
   So the guild I am went through the prep of attuning a sizable amount of people to Naxx to begin learning the trash pulls and possibly getting some epics from the trash. Last night was our second learning experiance clear and it was going all good till we killed the first group of mobs in their then it happened.... YAY AN EPIC DROPS!!! The raid leader links the epic and we begin finishing the rest of the mobs off that we had pulled. Not 2 seconds after he links the epic one of the mobs rezes the corpse of the fallen companion that had the epic on it. Well you guessed it the loot on the corpse had vanished. We logged in a ticket to the GMs but in the past when this has happened and loot had not been taken off a corpse they have been unable to recover the item, will this be the case and policy in this example as well? The last time it happened it was because our Master looter just left it on the ground to despawn till the end of the boss encounter but this time really isnt our fault.

/help we like purples.
Poster: Berghe at 8/4/2006 7:29:41 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Epic Drop in Naxx = No loot?
   Zerosystm, don't be sad! I'm sorry for the delay in providing a reply; I've been checking into this issue and I wanted to make sure that the answer provided was accurate. :)

I've looked, and checked, and double checked for you! The correct plan of action is to contact a Game Master in-game, and provide as many details as possible. We're still looking into this issue, and we may be able to restore the loss. I wish I could guarantee the restoration, however it is not always possible - and it isn't that we wouldn't like to.

I really hope everything works out for your character and group, and I apologize that you had to encounter this situation in the first place. Good luck in your future Naxx runs. :)
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