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Poster: Jassianus at 8/4/2006 2:49:09 AM PDT
Subject: Account locked if from another computer?
   I'm asking in regards to something a friend of mine had happen to one of his guildmates recently. Supposedly, the guildie was spending time at his brother's house, and decided to play WoW on his brother's computer, who's also a player. When the guildie came home and tried to log in, he found that his account had been locked because someone at Blizzard thought it had been hacked, and it took him a week-and-a-half to clear the issue with Customer Service.

What I'm asking is: Are accounts that are believed to have been hacked locked on the sole basis that it was accessed from another computer regularly used by another unrelated account?
Poster: Berghe at 8/4/2006 3:47:50 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Account locked if from another computer?

There is more than one determining factor when deciding to lock an account due to a possible compromised. While I would love to discuss in detail exactly what those factors are, unfortunately it would be extremely unwise to make such internal procedure public knowledge - as it could be turned around and used against the player base to better compromise an account. This is not what we want.

We understand what an inconvenience having an account locked is, and we apologize for that. I am sorry to say that it is a necessary evil, and is done with the best interest of the player in mind. We would rather lock an account that appeared compromised but wasn't, than not lock an account that appeared compromised and was.

What I would focus on is ensuring the integrity of your account. There is a wealth of knowledge contained on this page on the topic of Account Security:

I wouldn't worry about playing the World of Warcraft at a friend's house, as long as you are not compromising the security of your account. Refrain from sharing any of your account information with friends, or letting a friend play on your account. This can quite easily lead to a compromised account. Not to mention that it violates our Terms of Use (

I hope that this has proven informative, and I'm sorry I couldn't directly provide answers to some aspects of this procedure - I hope you understand. ;)

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