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Poster: Tiandrex at 8/3/2006 6:15:42 PM PDT
Subject: Server Crash - Not reboot? Lost Naxx Loot
   We on Azgalor had a 15 minute countdown to server restart. We were at Instructor Razuvious in Naxxramas and knew we had time to kill him.

We didn't want to have all the respawns (since all trash was down) after restart, so we killed Razuvious. At 1 minute left the server crashed (or rebooted) without warning. We had looked in the corpse and seen an Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph and Desecrated Sabatons (Rogue/Warrior boots) that we were unable to loot due to the premature crash/reboot.

If it is not too much trouble, we'd like a CM to respond to Traveler's ticket or to me in this thread. Trav is our raid leader and can tell who the loot should be distributed to. Razvuious is in fact still dead after the reboot, so we hope that the loot can be restored. Thanks ahead of time.

By the way, to be clear, I'm not really posting this to get a GM to respond to the ticket. I should have been clear. I should have just asked, CAN that loot be restored? Is it recorded or are we SOL?

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Poster: Pavonum at 8/3/2006 7:12:30 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Server Crash - Not reboot? Lost Naxx Loot
   While I'm afraid that we may not offer any guarantees until more in-depth analysis is conducted by our Character Specialists, Tiandrex, it may be possible for us to verify the items that dropped off Instructor Razuvious and assist your group in distributing them to their rightful owners; I can assure you that we shall make every effort to resolve the matter accordingly. To that end, I would strongly recommend that your raid leader's petition include as much of the following information as can be recalled (edit the ticket, if needs be):

  • Name of the boss in question (in this case, Razuvious)
  • Approximate timeframe during which he was killed
  • Raid leader and/or Master Looter when he died
  • If possible, who dealt the killing blow on Razuvious

    Armed with that information, the Game Master assigned to the case shall determine the best course of action to have the issue addressed; it shall likely be necessary to forward the matter to our Character Specialists for further investigation, in which case they shall contact the petitioner as quickly as is possible with the results of their research. In the meantime, friend, your patience is much appreciated. If you have any other questions, or if there is anything more with which we may be of clarification, please let us know. :)
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