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Poster: Bakatrinh at 8/3/2006 2:14:01 PM PDT
Subject: My items disappeared. My character is corrupt
   I log on this morning. At the character selection screen, it seemed my character had all her equipments on and everything was fine. When I log on. I notice that half of my equipments are gone, this includes 3 nightslayer, zg bracer, perdition's blade and a lot of other things. I don't think my account was compromised because I logged my character off at Eastern Plagueland and that was where I was when I log on. Also, some of my 16 and 18 slot bags are gone. Two of my bag from the bank. I also have a 12 slot bag on me. This is impossible since I do not have any 12 slot bag on me or on my bank at all.

Please fix this for me Blizzard, the equipments I have were acquired through months and months of raiding.

This was how my equipments looked like last night:

This is how it looks like now :(

I posted an in-game petition and have been waiting for 2 hours now. Please someone respond. I just want my character to be as it was last night.
Poster: Kaone at 8/3/2006 2:29:37 PM PDT
Subject: Re: My items disappeared. My character is cor

Q u o t e:
They said it was a "display issue" and the items is actually there. I hope this is true. It's just weirld that I have a 12 slot bag on me and I never had that on me on in the bank before. Not to mention the content of my 4th bag is mixed with the content of one of my bank bag. The items in the bank basically replaces that items that were in my 4th bag slot :(

All I want is for them to fix this.

Hi Bakatrinh,

This is indeed a display issue that we are working on correcting. I was able to confirm that your character is currently holding a Perdition's Blade that was missing in the picture. I am sorry for the inconvenience experienced while we address this.
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