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Poster: Maeven at 8/3/2006 12:30:30 PM PDT
Subject: Blue- tell me the GM was joking- not stupid
   This past weekend I was in BRD with some guildies. The warrior wanted a trinket off Emp. We went in to ransack the place just for this trinket drop.

So we drop Emp and Princess and 3 bits of loot drop. The warrior gets his trinket. The warlock gets his boots or whatever they were. I get the Hands of the Exalted Herald.

Only the hands NEVER appear in my inventory. The warrior gets his trinket and equips. The lock gets his item and d/es it. I never get my hands.

This is the 2nd time I've had loot bug on me in BRD, so I file a ticket. GM comes on and tells me (in a nutshell):

1. He is unable to give quest credit (Um... what quest?)

2. He is unable to restore my item because the quest was not completed (Um.... what quest?)

3. In order for boss loot to be awarded, a quest must be completed. (Um.... okay....)

#3 is what totally baffles me- the armor sets are all about instance farming. You run out of quests LONG before you get all your drops. But according to this GM, boss loot and the ability for it to be looted properly (in ALL instances) is entirely tied to quests. No quest, loot runs the risk of not functioning properly.

Either this is painfully bad design or the GM is painfully misinformed.

I'm inclined to think I caught the GM in their own stupdity. I informed the GM that I had had this problem previously in BRD, I HAD been on a quest and HAD completed it successfully (Ribbly). At that point the GM replied there was a "known issue" with "this boss" (Emp/Princess) in BRD.

Add in some more macro spam about not being about to give quest compeltion credit or restore quest items and I just gave up and asked for the complaint email.

So... is the GM painfully stupid or is this actually a risk we run everytime we farm MC and none of us are on a single quest?

[ post edited by Maeven ]
Poster: Batta at 8/3/2006 12:41:49 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Blue- tell me the GM was joking- not stup
   Hey, Maeven. It sounds as though the response you received was quite invalid, and for this I apologize. I will be forwarding the necessary information internally to ensure that the way in which your petition was handled is addressed.

Now for the looting issue -

You say you ran Blackrock Depths this weekend. Can you provide a more specific time frame? If you can remember within a couple of hours when the Hands of the Exalted Herald dropped, this would greatly assist us.
We've got heads on sticks; you've got ventriloquists
Poster: Batta at 8/3/2006 1:03:37 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Blue- tell me the GM was joking- not stup

Q u o t e:
The reply was not invalid, I think. I do believe that in order to recieve loot from the Princess, in which the gloves dropped from yes? you need to complete the quest to save her. The quest you get Magni's Will from. If you have NOT completed this quest, then what happened to you is working as intended. If you have, then it is bugged. Just my two cents.

This is correct. I'm very sorry for the miscommunication in my original post. After further research, it appears that the looting issue you experienced is as follows:

In order for loot such as the Hands of the Exalted to drop from Princess Moira, at least one person in the group must have completed "The Fate of the Kingdom" (Alliance) or "The Royal Rescue" (Horde). Although this loot will display in the window for all members of the group, only those who have completed the associated quest will be eligible to receive the loot. This is a little bit confusing, I know; however, it is the proper way the quest and loot display should be functioning.

I have confirmed, Maeven, that you have not yet completed "The Fate of the Kingdom;" therefore, the Game Master who responded to your petition was correct. Please accept my apologies again for the miscommunication of my original response.

[ post edited by Batta ]

We've got heads on sticks; you've got ventriloquists

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