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Poster: Licharthas at 8/3/2006 9:56:23 AM PDT
Subject: Exploiting.
   Ok this may seem as a troll but it isn't.
My question is that what are like acceptable explorations. Because if you say "Im going to explore" everyones answer is the same and that is" So you're going to exploit?". Now to clarify i know what exploiting is and it could give you an advantage of some sort. But what of the exploits that do nothing? Like for example On top of Stormwind wall? I've seen a horde up there and i was able to get him. (Of course not with my paladin)
But things like that and going on top of Ironforge. It doesn't give you any advantage and there is ALWAYS a way up. Pretty much all you see from these things is pretty colors and a better view of something. I know some people go up to places like those and send their pets or demons after people or try to camp them. But what of the people who are just up there for fun? Also why is Ironforge Airport a reportable offense. I know i know you could get stuck or anything. But getting there requires no tricks or anything you could just walk there. Don't even have to destroy a certain item to get there.
So people could always use that item and get back to where they were in the time limit.
Poster: Kaone at 8/3/2006 10:03:26 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Exploiting.
   Hi Licharthas,

Just to clarify on this Licharthas I can say that the location where such terrain exploits are used influences the severity of the penality received. Using such an exploit for gain in an instance is looked at more harshly than if used for dancing on a wall in town. That said both are still considered violations of our policies and will risk the status of one's account.
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