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Poster: Moonsun at 8/3/2006 8:07:31 AM PDT
Subject: Permanent? For how long?
   "Click to make a permanent copy of this letter." Is something I use to save the nice letters I recieve(d) from fellow players in game. All these "permanent" copies I saved on an alt. BUT when I checked recently wanting to read some back no spyglass came up hovering my mouse over them. Further investigation learned that the spyglass did appear when hovering about quite recent saved "permanent" copies, so my conclusion is permanent is not equal to permanent!

Is there a way to get these nice mails back even for a short while so I can make screenshots of them? After taking screenshots if it is raelly necessary to free up database space for Blizzard, well I could delete them. For now I rather feel cheated! out of nice rememberances of very nice people. Please give me back my saved letters. Thank you in advance.
Poster: Kaone at 8/3/2006 9:14:35 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Permanent? For how long?
   Hi Moonsun,

This is not to do with the permanent copies having a limited time duration but instead an unrelated issue. Some while ago the mail system was extensively changed. As a side effect of those changes any previously saved permanent copies of letters were lost and became blank. While it was unfortunate it was required as part of those modifications. I am sorry that you have lost these old saved letters Moonsun.
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