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Poster: Jonscaeffer at 8/2/2006 10:18:48 PM PDT
Subject: HELP! My Honor Poitns is bugged =/
   last night i was doing lots of BG's, when i login into my account today its says that i killed 88, and make 12.9K Honor, ok!

today i did 1 Alterac Valey and 1 Arathi Basin, and in AV i did 138hk and AB 11hk...

i give e break and go to onyxia, after onyxia killed, i wen't back to BGs, when i gonna check, something bad happens!

now they are saying that yesterday i did 55 hk/5.9k HP (but it was 88hk/12.9k HP) and today only 19hk (from the BG i was right now)

can some blizzard poster say what happened to my honors ?
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Poster: Pavonum at 8/2/2006 10:45:26 PM PDT
Subject: Re: HELP! My Honor Poitns is bugged =/
   Please accept my apologies for any confusion you may have been caused, Jon; in order to address an issue with some players' Honor, some recalculations were performed today, one side-effect of which is that players' daily totals shall appear to reset, as the totals for "Today" and "Yesterday" were recalibrated. We have conferred with our Database Administrators regarding the situation, however, and confirmed that no data has been lost in actuality -- the weekly tabulation during server maintenance shall run normally. :)
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