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Poster: Zanthirius at 8/2/2006 11:45:39 AM PDT
Subject: WOW Lockups 99% CPU (post here by DavidHC)
   I was told to post here by DavidHC (a blue in tech support)

Okay without going through the huge list of things I HAVE tried, I would just like to say, this is NOT my computer, settings, or WOW install.


(1) I have had this issue since day one (sometime Jan. 06) till today, it has done nothing but get worse. I have had 4 different computers since January, and it has been the same on all 4. Each computer had different everything, some AMD, some Intel, some ATI, some NVIDIA. I can safely say it has NOTHING to do with my computer.

(2) My roomates (all 3 of them and my GF) have logged into there accounts on WOW on my computer, and played for HOURS with no problems, not once. I can log in and within minutes lock up.

(3) I used to hard lock, for several months, then one update i never hardlocked since, but the softlocks became much worse! I now softlock just sitting somewhere, in battle, in and out of instances.

(4) I have honestly tried all the simple stuff that blues and users have posted (ie: Driver updates, wtf & wtb deletes, no addons, addons, fresh wow installs, fresh reformats, Server Change, ect...)

(5) I need to have my account looked at, how is this possible? I have contacted GM's in game and never gotten a reply that was helpful (usually the same crap as i listed above) I have posted in this forum COUNTLESS times (this will most likely be the last before i just give up on WOW for good). How can i get ahold of someone with the power to examine my account for errors? I cannot get more than a mass produced useless email from blizzard when i try, always stating the same useless problem solving tips as i posted above...

Please help, be serious, kind and dont tell me to just quite WOW. I enjoy the game and would simply like a fix, not a bunch of people telling me i am stupid or that i should quite complaining. This is a serious issue for me, and is VERY annoying, its not very cool to lock up for no reson at all in the middle of a battle, or worse yet when i am just sitting somewhere chatting!

Thanks ahead of time, i will keep this post bumped until a useful response is given.
Poster: Kaone at 8/2/2006 12:45:35 PM PDT
Subject: Re: WOW Lockups 99% CPU (post here by DavidHC)
   Hi Zanthirius,

I have made some inquiries into your situation and as a part of this the rate and time periods of your crashes were looked into. However nothing was seen that would indicate a problem with your account. You have quite intensively trouble-shooted this issue so I would now recommend looking into what is left. You mention having had 4 computers. What do these 4 machines spare in common? Suggestions for this include software/programs, AddOns, networking hardware, ISP, power source. I would recommend trying testing playing World of Warcraft from a location where none of those are in common. Try logging in and playing from another computer on another ISP at another physical location without customizing it to your typical preferences for use. I do realize that you feel that your friends were able to play from your computer without problems but our records suggest that you too have played on your account for similar durations without logging or disconnecting.

Good luck with this next phase of troubleshooting and keep us informed of how it goes. It can be very frustrating to try and isolate a specific issue such as this and I thank you for your continued patience and efforts.
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