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Poster: Jb at 8/2/2006 12:49:39 AM PDT
Subject: Jaedenar PVP rankings page
   The Jaedenar PVP rankings page has been blank for about 3 weeks now. It's not that the page hasn't been updated, it's that the page doesn't exist.
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Poster: Pavonum at 8/2/2006 7:40:30 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Jaedenar PVP rankings page
   Thanks for bringing this to our attention, folks. I've passed the information along to the proper authorities to look into the matter further. I'll let you know if I hear anything more. :)
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Poster: Pavonum at 8/3/2006 12:10:38 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Jaedenar PVP rankings page

Q u o t e:
Thanks Pav. Is there contact information for the people who deal with problems on the website? Or is this forum the best way to alert you guys of website errors in the future?

Well, I've done a bit of digging, and it looks like the "Report Page Error" button on select pages of our website may actually be a means through which you could bring these issues directly to the attention of those responsible for such changes. You can either find such a button somewhere on our website and click it (it'll open up a preformatted e-mail, which you can then edit accordingly to suit the specific URL which is experiencing the issue), or just send an e-mail to with the following format:

Q u o t e:

Wow Guide Error: Jaedenar PvP Rankings


Error on page:,

Type your error report here: There don't appear to be any characters listed in the rankings. Help?

Read the error reporting guidelines before submitting your email
Please use this email to report guide errors only. Any problems with the game or your account should be reported here:

You are, of course, also welcome to just let us know on this forum. If you have any other questions, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do. :)
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