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Poster: Dethroned at 8/1/2006 10:39:30 AM PDT
Subject: Moving a character to a new account question
   Can someone clarify how this works? I have a situation where I have my account that's paid using a game card but I want to transfer a character to a totally new account. Is this possible?

Do I have to purchase an additional copy of WoW or can I just create a new account? Would a credit card be required?

Thank you
Poster: Caerrus at 8/1/2006 11:08:23 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Moving a character to a new account question
   I'd be happy to help clarify, Dethroned. In order to transfer one of your characters to another account, the first thing you will need to do is acquire a new account. This can be accomplished by purchasing a retail boxed version of World of Warcraft; however, another option would be to use the Recruit-A-Friend Program. The use of this program will allow you to create a new 10-day free trial account; which can be upgraded online at any time by going to the Account Management page and clicking on the "Upgrade Online Right Now!" button. In order to upgrade, it is necessary to pay an activation fee of $39.99 (and the fee covers the first month's subscription). Also, when you are creating the account, please make sure that the last name on the new account matches the last name on your original account; otherwise, it will not be possible for you to transfer a character from one account to the other.

Once you have both accounts, you can transfer a character from one account to another by visiting the Paid Character Transfer section of the Account Management page. Once there, simply follow the steps through to completion. Sonic, one of your fellow players, has created a visual guide in order to explain how to transfer characters from one account to another; it can be found here:

At this time, a credit card is required in order to use the Paid Character Transfer Service. I hope this helps to clarify how the service works; please let us know if you have any further questions.

Recruit-A-Friend Program:

Account Management Page:

More information about the Paid Character Transfer Service:

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