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Poster: Spyrena at 7/31/2006 4:20:59 PM PDT
Subject: -@BlueBlood Elf Classes?Bugged Blue?
   It says that cannot be warriors. Is that true? Cause every race in the game can be warriors...
Poster: Batta at 7/31/2006 5:14:20 PM PDT
Subject: Re: -@BlueBlood Elf Classes?Bugged Blue?

Q u o t e:
It's stupid, I want a customer service person to reply to this thread. How does a race not have warriors? It makes no sense whatsoever. How can you give them Hunters over warriors? I mean COME ON

Eyonix has already addressed similar concerns in more than one thread on the General Discussion forum. This was not a development decision made by the Game Master department, nor are we in a position to comment on the release of any future content.
And I feel this coming over like a storm again

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