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Poster: Wrrat at 7/31/2006 3:16:26 PM PDT
Subject: Guild Lottery = Policy Violation?
   I'm wondering if my idea for a guild lottery system would be in violation of any anti-gambling policies there may be in place. I couldn't find within the End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, or the In-Game Policies (solution id: 1712) any mention of gambling or the Casino Policy refered to by Caerrus here:

The daily lottery system would involve a drawing of a set of numbers. Members of the guild may "purchase" a ticket that contains their guess of the drawing numbers. The jackpot is then split among the winners whose guesses matched the drawing numbers. All payments collected for the current drawing are added to the next day's jackpot along with the current day's jackpot if no one happened to win. The first jackpot would be solely funded by myself.

I don't see this being much different than the gamble's we take whenever we venture to kill a particular boss for random loot. Except, of course, that there's an "entry fee". However, this can be likened to the "entry fee" necessary to enter Onyxia's Layer, Ahn'Qiraj or Naxxramas.

In the end, the sole purpose is to have fun, not for personal profit as the host. While I could just have a lottery system that doesn't require an entry fee (which shouldn't be considered gambling as there is no entry risk involved, as per Caerrus), I would quickly run out of funds and the lottery would not last very long.

I appreciate any information and thank you in advance.
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Poster: Caerrus at 7/31/2006 3:33:43 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Guild Lottery = Policy Violation?
   Lissanna is correct, Wrrat; this would indeed be considered to be gambling, and would therefore be in violation of our casino policy. The current policy does not make any exceptions for guild-based gambling.

As I said in the thread that you linked to, this would be perfectly fine if you removed the entrance fee; but I do understand that it would be costly. I do understand that the sole purpose is to have fun, and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. If you feel that this policy should be changed in any way, I would recommend that you visit the Suggestions Forum. Good luck!
Poster: Caerrus at 8/1/2006 3:29:01 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Guild Lottery = Policy Violation?
   The spamming was a big part of the problem, no doubt; but casinos also made it very easy for players to scam money from one another. Gambling, as a result, is not permitted under any circumstances, because there is no built-in functionality to prevent abuse/scamming from taking place. Any players found to be participating in a gambling event will receive the appropriate penalty for their actions. If you would like to see gambling in World of Warcraft, I would recommend that you visit the Suggestions Forum and voice your support for the implementation of an in-game feature that would allow players to gamble, and enforce the bets/payouts. Good luck.
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