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Poster: Asterix at 7/31/2006 9:38:40 AM PDT
Subject: Can't Create a New Character
   For some time now I have been unable to create a new character on my account. I currently have only 30 characters across all realms. I did have 48. I transfered from Uther to Muridan a while ago and not sure if that is affected anything.

When I do try to create a character it tells me that I have reached the Max allowed for this account.

I spoke to a GM and he said that sometimes it fixes it's self to wait for a few days. That was weeks ago and I still can't create a new one. Is there something that can be done?
Poster: Caerrus at 7/31/2006 9:53:26 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Can't Create a New Character

Q u o t e:
Go into your WoW folders and delete folders in the WTF folder for characters you no longer have. The structure of the subfolders in the WTF folder is like this:

. (folders for accounts looged in from that computer)
.. (folders for servers of characters which have been logged into on this computer and account)
... (folders for characters on that server and account that have been logged in on this computer)

If you no longer play on a particular server, you can delete the Servername folder inside the Account folder for your account. Otherwise, open the Server folders and delete the folders for deleted alts.
EDIT: it didn't show formatting properly
Please let us know if the solution that Deadlykris has suggested works out for you, Asterix. :)

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