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Poster: Dokortt at 7/31/2006 3:25:27 AM PDT
Subject: Enchanting Issues
   Last night a member of my guild trade materials with a person providing Enchanting services in good faith to obtain the +22 Int buff.

The person with who she traded with then proceeded to run off keep the mats and advertise the enchant with mats on the trade channel.

A ticket has been submitted to the GM's regarding the matter however i feel as though this system is greatly flawed. Only being able to trade mats to obtain an enchant means that faith ahs to be placed in the person who can provide the service. If you were to be able to assign a Trade option where the other player werent to obtain the mats but can use them to enchant an item it would resolve this issue.

This may not seem a critical issue but it is a clear flaw in the enchanting and also other crafted items service. Not everyon has access to certain crafts or skills in a guild and have to use an outside source. It is not right that to identify the reputable crafters people have to be abused first by these rogue crafters who steal their mats. Even then can we really stop these people doing it again and again before action is taken.

I feel there are some options to resolve this issue and ensure that people are not cheated out of their hard earned cash and materials.

Thankyou for your time.

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Poster: Berghe at 7/31/2006 3:55:10 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Enchanting Issues
   Dokortt, I am very sorry to hear that your friend had such an encounter. Contacting a member of the Game Master Department in-game was the proper step to take, as this more than likely was a violation of our Scamming Policy (

Unfortunately concerns pertaining to the actual design and development of the World of Warcraft are not an aspect that the Game Master Department has any jurisdiction over - as we provide in-game support, we are neither the designers nor developers. I strongly encourage you to direct your feedback and ideas to our Suggestions Forum, as it is closely monitored by our development team:

I hope that everything works out well with your guild mate, and I wish you luck in getting your voice heard with regards to enchanting, Dokortt. ;)
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