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Poster: Apen at 7/30/2006 10:59:04 PM PDT
Subject: Question about restoring an account~
   i've sent some emails to wowadmin, and no respond yet, so i'm here to try some luck.

recently my brother's account has been hacked, and so on, we sent an email to blizz right away, after 3days of non stopped trying the secret answer stuffs, we finally found out the answer, everything was gone, we were upset but at least we got our account back.
On the fifth days since we sent the email, somehow that day, blizz closed the account,
we didn't see this happend, they say they found out the account was compromised so they had to closed it and investigate, i really don't know what to investigate,
and they also ask us to send a fax with all the infomation, im sure u guys know what i'm talking about,

here's a couple questions we need to be cleared;

1, we're asian, so when we created the account we didn't use our full name, i think most of the asian won't use it, we'r used to use our nick name, so our ID won't appear the same as the account's information, i meant the last name is still the same but not the name.

2, when we brough this game, it was a year and half ago, we were studying in canada by that time, but after we moved out( to south america).
and we didn't bother change the address, coz we stopped playing for like a year.
so, what do we fill on the address place?

and is it restricted to play US WOW outside US/CA?, becasue there's no server in south america, and ppl who lives here, we all play in US server, so i don't know if it's allowed or?.

can you guys please reply me asap, so we can get the account back, and lately i was planning to make a long distance call to blizz, let me know if it's necessari.

thank in advance.
==Omission is betrayal==
Poster: Berghe at 7/30/2006 11:19:10 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Question about restoring an account~

Unfortunately the only information we have to provide on the subject of restoring a compromised account is listed in our How to Recover a Compromised Account post here:

If you have any questions concerning the process I regret to say that they should be directed to our Account Administration Department, as they address such matters:

I wish you good fortunes, and I apologize for not being able to aid you directly here on the forums.
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