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Poster: Lur at 7/30/2006 3:05:49 PM PDT
Subject: Farming: Ethics and Rules
   Farming: Ethics and Rules

There is no doubt that people get frustrated when they see someone else take a kill, loot, or objective away from them.

If that person is of the same faction they may yell at you, and your social status may be impacted by your actions. If they are of the opposing faction they may make rude gestures at you. But at what point are they correct to report you?

I have many characters and some of them are Good Guys, while others are Bad Guys and some are just Middle of the road types of guys. I play all of my characters differently though.

With my good guy characters I would never farm, it is socially frowned upon. With my bad guys I dont tent to farm either, since they are more bad in a opposing faction killing way. But with my middle of the road characters I do occasionally farm things. To me, farming is staying in an area to collect resources or faction with no other objectives.

So question #1 is: Is there a point where what I define as farming is against the TOS or any other rule that makes it worth of being reported?

Next I find that with some of my characters I am able to handle massive quantities of enemy NPCs at a time. In fact I may be able to kill all of them in an area. Now, if I take them all, that means that no one else gets to take any. I know that this will clearly give me a poor social standing, but let us put that aside for the sake of argument right now.

Question #2: If I take all of the mobs in an area and clear them out repeatedly to earn resources or reputation is this against the rules of the game?

Lastly, some mobs when collectively grouped have area of effect abilities. In selected environments in the game I have happened to be fighting many mobs at the same time and crossed the path of another player while collecting more to fight at the same time (THIS IS ALWAYS UNINTENTIONALLY DONE, I WOULD NEVER TRAIN ON PURPOSE).

Question #3: If a player takes damage or dies because of my unintentional yet dangerous actions including pulling many mobs together at the same time did I violate the rules of the game? (Note: This only occurs in the field, never near a town or safe spot)

Thank you for anyone who answers my questions. I am of the opinion that while I dislike farming for rep and resources it is necessary to play this game successfully.

Last note: I am looking for real answers, not opinions.
Poster: Pavonum at 7/30/2006 5:07:13 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Farming: Ethics and Rules
   You may rest assured that Tandaa is correct, Lur; in fact, when one goes to report "Physical Harassment" in-game, the following disclaimer is offered:

Q u o t e:
Physical Harassment
If the sole purpose or intent of any action is to continually upset, aggravate, or otherwise annoy another player, that action may be considered physical harassment or grief play. Before reporting physical harassment, make sure that the situation that is being petitioned falls outside the realm of the PvP Policy (

The following are NOT considered physical harassment:

  • Attacking a creep or NPC that another player has already engaged
  • Continually attacking and/or killing an NPC
  • "Spawn camping" (claiming a spawn point in order to repeatedly attack a creep)
  • "Corpse camping" (waiting by a player's corpse to attack them as they resurrect)
  • "Training" (leading enemies to another player to force combat)

  • I hope that has proven illustrative; if there is anything more we can do to provide further clarification, please let us know. Thanks for your concern, friend. :)
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