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Poster: Ranz at 7/30/2006 3:50:17 AM PDT
Subject: Account Hacked then Locked - Blue Plz
   Just about 2 months ago I was unfortunatly, hacked. I reported this to a GM, i came back the following morning to see my account locked. I almost broke my door down, i mean why should i have to mess around with retrieving an account when I was hacked... I went through the retrieval process, whilst im living in Australia (the cost of mailing my ID oversees express was terrible, let alone the 10 times i "tried" to fax it) About a month ago i got my account back, but nothing has been fixed, i still have none of my gold, nor items. I have sent off about 10 emails every few days inquiring about my accounts "investigation". I am getting fed up with this Blizzard.

I am posting from my new account which i made while in waiting for my items and gold to be fixed up. Since i am almost 60 on my new account, on my new server, I would really like to move my old characters to my new account. But my new server isnt up for transfers, and regretably I dont think it ever will be, because of the already huge queues and server lag.

Blizzard could you please respond to me, and do something about this...

My main from my old account is "Goldylocks - 60 Hunter from the Nathrezim server"

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Poster: Kaone at 7/30/2006 2:55:06 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Account Hacked then Locked - Blue Plz
   Hi Ranz,

Firstly, I have forwarded on your information to the appropriate department so the status of your investigation can be double-checked. It is possible that it was delayed due to your issues with the account retrieval process and my doing this should ensure that your pending investigation is not delayed further.

As for your proposed realm transfer; unfortunately unless the realm is available for transfers it is not possible to move a character to that realm. Hopefully transfer to Barthilas will become available soon.
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