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Poster: Nahria at 7/29/2006 10:01:45 PM PDT
Subject: My brother!! Hacked!! (please help)
   Well, my brother a couple days ago, just got hacked by some guy on the general forums with the "POST IN LINK FOR 2000g GIVAWAY!!!"

So, he fell for caught...and he cant log into his account anymore, the hacker probably changed the password or something.

He then knew he was hacked by a character on his account posting the same scam on the forums!!
he didnt do it, and got banned from the forums, which if he gets his account back, that ban should be taken away.

He is really mad and has emailed wowgm and wowaccountadmin.

He got a respose from the accountadmin saying they cant help because its not the same email as the one he was upset, he sent a reply earlier today saying that he can give them the authentication key.

He also has no clue what his secret answer is.
(lol it says "favorite activity" hes clueless) We saw the form that you can fax/mail to blizzard..we said we will do that...but he doesnt have an ID yet..hes 14...and we rather not get our parents into this...unless its completelly neccisary..

So anyway i was just hoping for a direct answer on whats gonna go on.

I mean if he has the CD key, everything should be cool, email address right or not.

So please help my brother, i will be able to give you all the information you need to help.

King of your mountains=King of your valleys
Poster: Pavonum at 7/29/2006 10:20:04 PM PDT
Subject: Re: My brother!! Hacked!! (please help)
   My associate Batta has written up a rather thorough guide to the steps a player may take to regain access to his or her account in such a situation, Nahria; I believe you shall find it quite illustrative, so I'll include a link below for your perusal. If you have any other questions after having read that, though, please let me know, and I'll do what I can. :)

How to Recover a Compromised Account:
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair...
Poster: Pavonum at 7/29/2006 11:46:32 PM PDT
Subject: Re: My brother!! Hacked!! (please help)

Q u o t e:
On the form

It says you have to have government ID, well hes 14.

another question, If the wowaccountadmin, if we just give em the CD key, cant they just mail us the current password since it was changed? even if its from a different email?

I'm sorry to say, Nahria, that these are questions you shall have to ask our Billing and Account Administration representatives; the Game Master Department is not involved in such matters as these, and thus I am unable to offer any definitive answers. My apologies, friend. You can contact Billing via e-mail ( and phone (1-800-59-BLIZZ), and Account Administration via e-mail ( or their newly created webpage (

Q u o t e:
Since his account was used by the hacker to post the scam on the forums, and he got banned from the forums. Can he be reinstated?

You may e-mail with your request to have the forum ban revisited; that is the proper point of contact for such matters. :)
Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair...

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