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Poster: Erzsebet at 7/29/2006 6:07:26 PM PDT
Subject: Character Transfer - Quest question
   As quoted from the Character Transfer FAQ -

"Your character will arrive on the destination realm with all the gold, equipment, pets, and all items in your characters' inventory and the bank. You will also keep all your bank slots, lifetime honor rank and ranking points. Quests will also be transferred, but please be aware that the progress for quests that require you to kill a certain number of monsters will be lost. NOTE: Any items, gold, mail, or other character progress unexpectedly lost during the transfer will not be restored."

My question is actually two-fold....

I have the Left Bindings of the Windseeker and have already spoken to the NPC in Silithus to recieve the Thunderaan quest. I have obtained the Essence of the Fire Lord from Ragnaros and am missing the Elementium and the Right Binding. Now with the information from the FAQ would I still have the L. Binding, the Essence of the Fire Lord in my inventory and the quest in my log book or will they all be gone? And I hope the disclaimer saying "tough luck" if these are lost wouldn't be the case.

2nd question: When are you guys going to open up Anvilmar for transfer? Got 5 RL friends there now waiting.

Thanks in advance

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Poster: Pavonum at 7/29/2006 6:55:14 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Character Transfer - Quest question
   To answer your first question, Erzsebet, I don't see any reason why your progress on "Thunderaan the Windseeker" would be affected by transferring your character to another realm; as the only objectives I can see are items contained in your inventory, you should be able to complete the quest just fine on the new realm. Good luck to you! :D

As for when Anvilmar is going to be available as a Destination Realm, that isn't a question to which I may offer any definite answer; there are a number of factors which are considered when determining the eligibility of realms, and these are constantly monitored for the sake of re-evaluation. While I'm not able to offer any guarantees that Anvilmar shall be made eligible, there is always a chance for the future. Keep an eye on the page listing the eligible and ineligible realms, friend, and may Fortune smile on your efforts. :)
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