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Poster: Tinky at 7/29/2006 2:41:14 PM PDT
Subject: Engineering ReSpecialization Bug
   I've encountered a bug regarding engineering respecialization (gnome to goblin or vice versa, availabe since the 1.10 patch). In my case, I respecialized from Gnomish to Goblin, by dropping Engineering and re-grinding to 225, then reading the book in Steamwheedle port, and choosing Goblin Engineering.

HOWEVER, the secondary quest involved with this, the Renew Membership Quest, is bugged, as I can only renew membership with my old Gnomish Engineer trainer, and it is not offered with my new Goblin Engineer Trainer. This effectively prevents me from attempting to receiving the Pet Bombling Schematic, and is the only way in-game currently to do so. So even though I am a Goblin Engineer, and can access Goblin Schematics, my Gnomish trainer states that I'm still "a Gnomish Engineer in good standing", and offers me membership renewal. It seems that this secondary quest is not carried over with the respecialization.

So to recap -- I can get the Gnomish Engineering Membership Card renewal quest, inspite of the fact I am now a goblin engineer, and the Goblin Engineering Membership quest is unavailable to me.

Many other people have reported this problem in the profession forums, if necessary I will find links and provide them here.

My question is: Is there a fix in progress for this bug? No one I know of has been able to receive the new specialization's (be it gnomish or goblin) Engineering Membership Card, or the new specialization renewal quest.
Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 2:54:43 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Engineering ReSpecialization Bug
   Hello Tinky,

Currently this is indeed how it works. The membership and actual engineering specialization are considered separate. The membership is considered permanent and this is indicated by the wording of the quest leading up to the card. Recall if you may the words given to you by the NPC questgiver when you went to pick up this quest:

Q u o t e:
If you still want to become a ### engineer, sign this document pledging life-long secrecy and speak with me again. Think about it carefully

However if you feel that it would be a beneficial change to the game to allow cancellation of one membership and subscription to the other then I would recommend that you make a post on the Suggestions Forum with your proposal at:
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