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Poster: Riverswind at 7/29/2006 12:26:28 PM PDT
Subject: Please Kaone, Got a cookie :)
   Kaone can u pass the information i gave you earlier along to the people that are in charge of PTR, It's getting way out of hand.

Reward: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Sancerian, At his best, trying to help others anyway
Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 12:35:53 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Please Kaone, Got a cookie :)
   Hi again Riverswind,

While I must admit I would certainly love a chocolate chip cookie (well who wouldn't?), the Player Test Realms do not have full in-game support coverage. The reason for this is that they are a test environment designed to stress test upcoming content. The PTRs are not expected to be used for standard game play. We do indeed monitor activity there but harassment issues are not necessarily handled in the same way as on the regular realms.
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