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Poster: Redeye at 7/29/2006 10:33:00 AM PDT
Subject: Speed Hacking?
   I posted this story on my guilds forums a couple of weeks ago and I'm deciding to pull it out now that I've discovered the Customer Service Forums which I've never really noticed before. This is the story of my attempts to get a flagrant speed hacker banned. The GM ticket I had opened about her was unanswered for about 3 and a half hours before I finally gave up, and later received an In-Game mail telling me to look at my Email (likely a generic "we'll look into it" type thing) which my emails spam blocker prompty ate and blew into oblivion.

My guild mates have offered a couple of explanations for this, none which really satisfy me since none address how the hell she was moving so fast for so long. So I'm going to present the story to you to see what the general public (and maybe if I'm lucky a blue) thinks and maybe offer up a couple of explanations for it. My original version was me trying to describe as accurately as I could remember what happened and the only changes I'm making to it now are taking out all the swearing. =D It is a WALL O TEXT. You have been warned.

This event occured on 7/14/2006, around 9 A.M. eastern time. I posted about it on my guilds forums about 2 hours later.

"Now I know none of you are prob gonna beleive this, but I saw it for myself (as well as a few others) and there is no other way I can explain it. Priestoflove is a hacker, she flagrantly speed hacked, and I wanted her *Hindquarters* banned but the GMs respond too *Quite a vulgar word* slow. So I'm going to settle for her to be camped. Heres what happened.

Senjinn is under attack was spammed on World Defense so I decide to go down and take a look. I get there and see a lowbie ac running south. Before I end his miserable little life, I decide to follow him and see if he has any friends (because he couldnt attack senjinn by himself) and sure enough there is a 60 hunter, and 4 or 5 other lowbies all from the same guild (WvG or something like that, cant remember). Well I out epiced the hunter nicely and took him down. When the hunter died, the lowbies scattered so I mounted up to hunt em down. I pick em off one by one, trying to find the lowbie priest, Priestoflove, that was healing the hunter went. I found her, and this is where it started.

She was over by the Cenataur near the Valley of Trials. I dismount and get in range to shoot her when suddenly, she is right next to me. Next second, she is way out of range behind me. I figured I was lagging and mounted up to chase her down. I couldn't catch her. I decide I must be really laggy and run into Valley of Trials to mana up and wait for the lag spike to go down, because getting killed by a lvl 36ish priest due to lag would just be embarasssing. When I poke my head out of Valley of Trials again, the hunter and the other lowbies rezd, there was about 4 more lowbies now, and a lvl 50 warlock. I figured a head on confrontation wouldn't be the best thing so I kept popping in and out with a little hit and run tactic to thin out the lowbies but the priest kept rezzing them. (No hacking there, duh)

I figured by how they were attacking the guards outside the walls of the Valley of Trials, they'd eventually come in so I wait for my pvp flag to go down so I can nail em while they are fighting guards. (since the hunter and maybe the warlock are the only ones who can do much to the guards) Well sure enough local defense spammed I look around for em and can't find em. They somehow managed to sneak around me into the center of Valley of Trials and the guards on the wall of the only entrance into it (they were all alive, i had track humans on) but since you can do a similar thing at Northshire in Elwynn by walking over the wall and avoiding all the gaurds I'll assume they did something similar.

I watch them kill the guards for a while and eventually blast the hunter and a couple of lowbies, before the warlock and the rest of em kill me. I rez immediately and finish them off, all except for you know who. She runs northward towards the demon cave. I mount (*epic mount mind you*) up and follow her, BUT I CANT CATCH HER. Shes blinking around like she is lagging, except, when you lag you are suddenly back where you were. Shes consistently going forward at an insanely fast speed, which you certainly do not do while your lagging. (People usually catch and kill you when you lag.)

At this point I'm greatly confused, staring at my comp with my mouth slightly open. I decide to follow her. She runs into the demon cave so far back I cant target her anymore in seconds, then runs back out zooming past me. I look at my lat bar. It's green. Do a couple of /ponder emotes at her, they work immediately. I'm not lagging. I sit there by the demon cave, wondering how she is doing this. Speed pots certainly don't make you run faster than an epic mount. And don't last as long as she was running around like super man. And the pots have a cooldown, even if they did make you run at god-like speeds. I come to the only conclusion I can think of. She has speed hax spewing out of her *Hindquarters*. I open a GM ticket.

"Priestoflove, an alliance priest, is outrunning on foot me on my epic mount. Shes doing this consistently and I know there is no way she should be doing what she is doing. Please look into this. She and a bunch of alliance are in Valley of Trials right now, I'll follow her around if you need to see for yourself."

I waited for my pvp flag to go down, then went back to where the AC were. What I saw confirmed any doubts I still had about Priestoflove hacking. We were around the bonfire where noobies first appear. At the top of this little circle, there is a cave with many guards, several trainers, and some vendors are. The alliance were back towards the front, other side of fire from the cave. This is how they pulled guards out of the tunnel: Priestoflove would shield, zoom into the cave, aggro 2 or 3 guards, then zoom out leaving the guards in the dust. The AC would mob them while she would run out of aggro range. This to me means the whole guild was in on this and taking advantage of it. I stay unflagged because I told the GM in the ticket. I'd follow her. I wanted Blizz to see, and they couldn't see if the ac were dead.

An unflagged lowbie was standing next to me watching this as well. And I said "See that priest, watch how fast she runs, the *um...yeah* speed hacker." "Oh wow thats *an interesting life choice*." "Yup. I'm trying to get her *hindquarters* banned."

I follow Priestoflove around like a hawk. She eventually catches on, starts spamming cute emotes. She would then start running around extremely fast, me following her, taking me on several laps all around Valley of Trials. She eventually challenged me to a duel, her cute little friends surrounded us stealthed (I'm not a nub ya hacker.) She starts zapping me, I smack her once, she suddenly surrenders, you know the routine, I back off and golfclap her. Then I do a /lol at all the ac stealthed around us one at a time.

Anways, when the ac leave, they all run through the hidden path down into the ocean, I kill the last one running out and watch as my hopes of getting her banned swim away. This whole thing took place over the course of about hour. No blizz response. (I STILL have the ticket up on wow as I type this.)

Now lets explore how she possibly could be doing this without hacking. The watch thing and speed pots: Do they make you EASILY outrun an epic mount, first of all? And they only last about 15 seconds or so. And, potions have a 2 min cooldown after you use them. She was running faster than speed pots and seemed to switch from uber fast to normal on a whim.

I was lagging. I had green lat (which doesnt mean a lot), I would have had to have been lagging badly for around an hour (possible), Priestoflove was the only thing that showed any sign of me being "laggy," I had no chat lag, spell lag, movement lag, and was fighting the others fine.

Any other possible explanations?

Ok now that you have read my WALL O TEXT (or just skipped to the bottom) here is what I want. If any of you, ever ever ever see Priestoflove, kill her on sight. Camp her for as long as you can. Maybe if your lucky, she will suddenly zoom off and you will seen I'm not a lying ranting moron. (just a regular moron) I wish I could remember the guild, its three letters long, first letter is W, first and third letters are capatalized, second one isnt. If you see any guild like that, camp em hard and long. The only other AC name I remember is Avenger, a night elf. (Lowbie I think)

*Some unkind words about Blizzards response time. I was in a foul mood at the time, and did not receive a response for this entire time. Though to be fair, I had overlooked that Blue is on western time, me being on eastern, and it was in the morning for me.*"
(*blahblah* shows where I edited original story)

Well /salute if you read through that whole thing. I appreciate any constructive responses. I'm open to other explanations as to how Priestoflove was not hacking cause if she is not, I would really like to learn how to run that fast. =)

And if Blue hasnt already looked into this already since I didnt actually receive the auto "we didnt answer your gm ticket" email, then maybe after one might read this, they will look into it! I'd be happy then!

I have not seen Priestoflove or anyone from that guild since.
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Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 10:46:05 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Speed Hacking?
   It is a WALL O TEXT. *smiles*

You will need to edit the character names out of this post or it will have to be removed.

Do not be overly concerned about getting the Game Master to witness such behavior. Just describe in your petition what you saw taking place and a Game Master will be able to forward your information on for detailed investigation.

[ post edited by Kaone ]

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Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 11:42:41 AM PDT
Subject: Re: Speed Hacking?

Q u o t e:
Edit: I have done your bidding.

Thanks for editing those out Redeye. *smiles*
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