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Poster: Oshoot at 7/29/2006 7:27:22 AM PDT
Subject: banned account
   ok so, i have a banned account, and the email it's registered under is no longer active and i never updated it because, yes, i'm stupid like that. i logged onto an alternate account i have to put a ticket in and have goten no response, i sent an email from my current email and got no response. so... what can i do?
Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 10:29:31 AM PDT
Subject: Re: banned account
   Hello Oshoot,

The best and fastest way to inquire into this issue would be to contact our Account Administration department via their new Website E-mail Form found at:

Using this you can put in all the information pertaining to your account and submit it to Account Administration directly. Good luck.
Half King of Beasts + half Monarch of the Skies = ?
Poster: Kaone at 7/29/2006 12:13:18 PM PDT
Subject: Re: banned account

Q u o t e:
"It has recently come to our attention that the World of Warcraft
account you are using may have been compromised."
WHAT?! so now i have to fill out forms by hand and pay to have a photocopy of a license to play WoW?!?! this isn't applying for a green card man, it's world of warcraft. i did nothing wrong to have my account banned. this is ridiculous.. i pay for this crap? come on now be real. this can easily be taken care of through email or even over the phone. i shouldn't have to snail mail forms just to play a video game. i demand some sort of action be taken and some sort of assistance besides age old responses that are just copy and pasted into emails. i want to talk to a real person to assess the situation.

The reason for these steps is for your own safety and to ensure that the account real owner is taking possession of it. You would not want anyone to be able to claim they were the owner of your account and have us just give it to them. I understand that such steps are indeed hassle but I can assure you that the extra precaution is well worth it.
Half King of Beasts + half Monarch of the Skies = ?

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