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Poster: Hallann at 7/29/2006 12:46:55 AM PDT
Subject: CC rep loss!!
   I was just roaming around in Cenarion Hold and i realized that a horde rogue had killed my FP master... I awaited for the FP master to spawn again and the orc rogue #@!&d him again. SO unknowingly I decide to kill there FP master as a lil game. A few seconds later I kill him... and then I see this dreadful message in my combat log... Your Cenarion Circle Reputation had decreased by 15000. SERIUSLY WTF?!?!?! 15k REP for a guy who isnt even shown as a CC faction. Usually its like 250 rep gone .. which isnt that bad but 15 FREAKING THOUSAND. So I was just posting to see if I could possibly... get my rep back. I was almost exhaulted to... nearing in on my Earthstrike trinket... but no. This happened... and know ... I am a very sad panda.
Poster: Pavonum at 7/29/2006 12:58:47 AM PDT
Subject: Re: CC rep loss!!
   My first piece of advice, Hallann, is to choose your fights wisely in the future. The Cenarion Circle is devoted to preserving harmony and balance throughout the world of Azeroth; they do not take kindly to those who slaughter public servants within their cities, as you have seen by how your standing with them fell when you killed that flightmaster.

That said, it may be possible to pursue restoration for the reputation lost because of this act; if you submit an in-game petition describing your plight, your situation shall be given further review. However, please bear in mind that we may offer no guarantees that your request shall be granted, and that reimbursement is never certain. I wish you the best. :)
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