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Poster: Calatin at 7/29/2006 12:46:29 AM PDT
Subject: Can anything be done about this?
   I posted this in the beta customer service forums less than an hour before the stress test ended, so I don't think anyone got to look at it really, so reposting here.

I wanted to check first if this issue would be considered griefing first, and who I should talk to if it is first before yelling at people. :)

My entire guild is considering transferring to another server due to the constant lag on Terenas during raiding times, and one of our guild members put a post on the forums of the server we were considering on going to and letting them know we were looking into them.

As a result, one of the top horde guilds on that server, who apparently don't like the idea of another horde guild moving there and potentially taking their top spot, by using our own guild progression post and link to our guild website and member list, have created alts with the same name as the majority of our members, and formed a level 1 alt guild by the same name as our current guild on their server, simply to force us to have to choose a new guild name, and new character names for just about everyone who wasn't able to create their own level 1 alt on their server first and reserve their name.

One of our members was talking to the top horde guild on that server, and was told "this is our server, and we don't want you here". The thread on their forum was the opposite though, with no negative feedback, oddly enough.

To me, this seems to be pure griefing, but I'm not sure if it violates any actual rule, and since this problem takes place across two different servers, I'm not sure if a GM would be able to do anything about it, or even verify that this is the case. Is there anything that can be done, other than picking all different names, or chosing a different server?
Poster: Berghe at 8/1/2006 11:47:21 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Can anything be done about this?
   I really regret to say that the Game Master Department will be unable to assist in this matter, as there is no reason that the same guild name cannot be taken on another realm.

Please note the following from our Paid Character Transfer FAQ:

Q u o t e:
Will my guild status be transferred?

Your guild affiliation and tabard design will not be transferred. You will have to join or create a new guild on your destination realm.

When deciding to transfer from a realm one must be willing to re-create their guild entirely, including the selection of completely new names. I understand how unsettling this may be, however realm transfers should not be a decision made lightly. :(
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